Why is Anti-Semitism Growing, and How Can We Combat It?

Josef Schuster, leader of Germany’s largest Jewish organization, recently urged Jews not to wear kippas in Berlin’s public spaces. He suggested, instead, to wear baseball caps. “It’s become just too d...

End-Time Anti-Semitism

What kind of anti-Semitism can we expect at the end of the age. Will it become more intense. More widespread. More violent. More irrational. Perhaps all of the above. On the one hand, when it comes to...

Open Doors

Throughout my eight years serving on staff with Jewish Voice, one of the prophetic promises that I can’t seem to get away from – and which fuels so much of our hope and urgency as a ministry – is Isai...

The Lie of the BDS Movement

Another day dawns here in Israel as I sit on my hotel balcony overlooking the holy city of Jerusalem. We’ve just completed our annual Jewish Voice Israel Tour, and nearly 200 people joined with us to ...

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