Radical Openness and Unprecedented Opportunities

Leading our Global Outreach Department affords me not only the privilege of participating in our Medical Outreaches among hurting Jewish communities and their neighbors, but also the great honor of tr...

In This World We Will Have Trouble

International travel can be daunting. There are bags to pack, planes to catch, long waits in remote airports, and the nerve wracking work of stepping into a culture that’s often so very different from...

Choosing the Road Less Traveled

Bet you can’t eat just one!” was a well-known catch phrase of an advertisement of Lay’s potato chips in the 1980s. Being involved with over 200 medical mission trips in scores of countries I often cha...

10 Outreach Prayer Needs That Will Surprise You

Prayer is essential to the effectiveness of every Jewish Voice Outreach. Obstacles of all sizes threaten to impede the work we do around the world, especially in remote locations where we conduct Medi...

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