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God wants to use you to bring hope, healing, power and transformation to His Chosen People.

This is an important season of the year in which we praise and thank God for the promises of the Scriptures. Jewish tradition teaches that God gave the Torah (the Law) to His people at Mount Sinai on the day of Shavuot.

Just as the Scriptures are as relevant to us today as they were all those years ago, we believe God is also moving today. In fact, we are holding firm to His promises to seek and to save His people. That’s the meaning of Shavuot: waiting in hopeful anticipation!

Our teams are preparing now for eternity-changing Outreaches in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in the weeks and months ahead. It’s only through your partnership that our powerful Outreaches are even possible. Whatever you can give, the Lord will use and multiply to heal and transform the lives of Jewish people and their neighbors ― in Africa and around the world.

That’s what this is all about. Your special Shavuot offering is so important. Please give as generously as you can today.

Thank you!