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Give to Help Israel and Stand with the Jewish People


For those of us who call upon the name of the Lord, those suffering in Israel are not just headlines or numbers. As David said in Psalm 122:9, we can say that the Jewish people and their neighbors in the Land of Israel who are suffering, mourning, held hostage or being tortured in Gaza are “our brothers and friends.”

100 percent of your gift today will go directly to help Israelis suffering amid the horrific crisis. Through our 80+ ministries we partner with in Israel throughout the year, your support will help:

  • Rush food and other aid to soldiers in combat
  • House, feed, clothe and care for individuals and families displaced by the conflict
  • Provide trauma counseling and mercy care to those who lost loved ones to terrorist violence
  • Care for pregnant and single mothers who were already vulnerable even before the conflict broke out
  • Care for lone soldiers (those serving in the military without any other family in Israel)
  • Transport emergency aid supplies throughout Israel – including areas close to the Gaza Envelope, those Israeli communities nearest the Gaza borders
  • Host prayer gatherings, worship services, and other ministry meetings to care for Believers and seekers needing comfort from the Lord and one another
  • Continue desperately needed evangelistic, discipleship, and humanitarian efforts across the Land of Israel.

Thank you!