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Tell every Jewish person around the world that God's plan for them includes Jesus the Messiah. Become a Shalom Partner today.

When you join Shalom Partners, your generous monthly support will bring help and hope to Jewish people and their neighbors in five all-important ways…
Providing humanitarian aid
Sharing the Gospel of Yeshua
Planting Messianic Jewish congregations
Teaching the Jewish roots of the Christian faith
Supporting 80+ ministries in Israel

Why we’d like to call YOU a Shalom Partner!

The word Shalom means more than just “peace.” It also implies goodwill, completeness and prosperity. What a beautiful way to describe friends of Jewish Voice Ministries who choose to show their love for the Jewish people through faithful monthly giving! Join Shalom Partners now and share Messiah Yeshua with even more Jewish people!

Enjoy these special benefits

  • Free access to select digital books to grow your knowledge
  • A weekly ministry email to keep you informed
  • Helping all scattered Jewish people around the world know Jesus as their Messiah
  • A Jewish Voice Tote Bag

See what a Shalom Partner has to say about supporting Jewish Voice

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