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Jewish Voice Today

November /December 2014


Jewish Voice Today is a magazine published by Jewish Voice Ministries that seeks to stir the hearts of both Christian and Messianic Jewish Believers alike through a thorough examination of Bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of our faith in Yeshua (Jesus), current events as they relate to Israel, and much more!

This Issue:

I believe that our gracious, merciful God is sending us clear signals that the time is short, and perilous days lie ahead. Yes, the apocalyptic signs are difficult to discern. But God has not left us without signposts along the way. He would have us be wise as the men of Issachar, who understood the times ... (1 Chronicles 12:32). And there are some very distinct indications that we are indeed in the Last Days. That’s why we’ve dedicated this issue of JVT to bringing you insights and analysis of the warning flares we may be seeing today.


Don’t miss these great articles: “Signs of the Times” by Jonathan Bernis, “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn, “The Blood Moons: What Do They Mean?” by Mark Biltz, “The Time for Sleeping is Over” by Joel Richardson, “Iran Today: Why There Must Be Vigilance” by William Koenig, “Denying, Deceiving, & Dividing” by Rabbi Boris Grisenko, “Troubling Comparisons” by Jan Markell, “Today’s Anti-Biblical Worldview Reflected in The Real Story of Chanukah” by Kevin Geoffrey.

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January 2015


Connections is a newsletter published by Jewish Voice Ministries that provides inspiring updates that capture the heart of ministry at Jewish Voice as we reach out to Jewish People through medical outreaches and international festivals of Jewish music and dance.

This Issue:

Caring for the lost ones of Gondar.


A report from our 2014 Gondar, Ethiopia medical outreach.

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