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Jewish Voice Today

September/October 2014


Jewish Voice Today is a bimonthly magazine published by Jewish Voice Ministries that seeks to stir the hearts of both Christian and Messianic Jewish Believers alike through a thorough examination of Bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of our faith in Yeshua (Jesus), current events as they relate to Israel, and much more!

This Issue:

With all that’s happening in Israel, it’s appropriate and prudent to keep a close watch on events transpiring in Israel and her capital, Jerusalem. That’s why we’ve dedicated this issue of JVT to bringing you a diversity of perspectives on this vital topic. We’ll explore both the natural and spiritual — because we know that natural events often have their roots in spiritual realities.


Don’t miss these great articles: “Update on Israel: Three Key Areas to Watch in the Months Ahead” by Jonathan Bernis, “Why Middle East Peace Talks Broke Down ... Again” by Shira Sorko-Ram, “Iran: Israel’s Greatest Existential Threat” by Joel Richardson, “Economic Challenges and Poverty in Israel” by Bonnie Saul Wilks, “Is the Israel and Iran Showdown Nearing?” by William Koenig, “New Generation Impacting Israel for Yeshua” by David Lazarus, “The Fall Feasts: A Dress Rehearsal for That Great Day” by Jack Zimmerman

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October 2014


Connections is a bimonthly newsletter published by Jewish Voice Ministries that highlights the great work that JVM is doing around the globe as we minister to Jewish People through medical outreaches and international festivals of Jewish music and dance.

This Issue:

Ukrainian Jews must hear the Gospel before it’s too late!


Read about how JVMI is reaching the Jewish remnant in Ukraine by Hear O’ Israel Festivals of Jewish Music and Dance, and how you can help support this outreach!

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