Jewish Roots of Christianity

Christianity emerged from Jewish roots. Yeshua (Jesus) Himself is Jewish. His twelve disciples and His first followers were Jewish as well. Yeshua ministered and taught within His own Jewish culture.

New Testament faith is more than an offshoot from Jewish roots. It is the fulfillment of those Jewish roots. Yeshua said He came to the House of Israel. He came not to draw them away from their heritage and faith as God’s covenant people, but to fulfill the “new covenant” prophesied to them in Jeremiah 31:31-33. Here, God promised that He would put His law within His people. No longer would it be merely external law, but through Yeshua’s death, His law and His Spirit would reside in the hearts of those who believe in Him.

As New Testament Believers, we celebrate the Jewish roots of our faith in Yeshua. The feasts that God commanded Israel to observe (see Leviticus 23) hold great meaning in Judaism and also for Gentile Believers in Yeshua. Each feast contains a prophetic significance, some of which have been fulfilled with Yeshua’s first coming and some are yet to be fulfilled when He returns.

Do you want to know more about the Jewish roots of Christianity? About the meaning and relevance of each of the biblical feasts and how you can celebrate them at home? Do you wonder if it’s alright for Gentiles to observe the Jewish feasts?

We invite you to browse through our video library below where you’ll find answers to your questions, be enriched in your faith, and discover the exciting blessings of embracing the Jewish roots of your faith.


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