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Messianic Education

  • JVMI Speakers Bureau

    Would you like to learn more about the Jewish roots of your faith by having one of our Jewish Voice speakers come and talk to your church or congregation? Then visit our JVMI Speakers Bureau section for more details.
  • Jewish Roots

    Would you like to learn more about the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith?
  • The King's Jewish Voice

    The King’s University has recognized what Chancellor Jack Hayford, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Dr. Ray Gannon, Dr. Dan Juster and Dr. Wayne Wilks have all understood for many years, e.g., the Messianic Jewish Movement’s critical need for a fully-accredited, inexpensive, and universally accessible educational opportunity for Messianic Rabbis, Jewish laymen, and anointed Spirit-filled team players in the Redemption of All Israel.

    The door of opportunity for Messianic Jewish ministry training at bachelors, masters, and even doctoral levels has now swung wide-open for Jewish believers and Spirit-filled disciples of all backgrounds who are feeling a strong urgency from heaven to successfully reach All Israel for Yeshua in our own generation.

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