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Tim Ross

Tim Ross – Lead Pastor, Embassy City Church

“As a Gentile Believer in Jesus I am honored to endorse Jewish Voice and Jonathan Bernis. Evangelism would have never reached the Gentiles without it being presented to the Jew first. May our continued support of this ministry reach the world!”

Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall – Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

“Jonathan Bernis and Jewish Voice Ministries do a fabulous job of teaching the Church how to share the love of Jesus with everyone, especially our Jewish friends and neighbors.  But they also do the crucial job of explaining why the nation of Israel is significantly important to our past, our present and our future.  God bless you for your bold, compassionate and courageous work.  We need you now, more than ever!”

Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez – New Season Lead Pastor & NHCLC President

“Jewish Voice is without a doubt one of the most transformative and important ministries on the planet. Jonathan’s commitment to sharing the love of God with the Jewish people and with the entire world for that matter is second to none.”

Marilyn Hickey

Dr. Marilyn Hickey – Founder, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

“Every Christian owes the Jewish community their salvation because of the original plan that God put in place.  One God, one purpose, one Savior, one salvation for ALL.  Jewish Voice and Jonathan Bernis have been faithful to carry this message all around the world and we are privileged to see the fruit of this ministry today!  We can stand behind this ministry and reap the rewards that it brings!”

Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson – CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network

“Louis Kaplan, 50 years ago, founded Jewish Voice. What a pioneering work. And Jonathan has come along to fill those difficult shoes. And he’s using the Spirit of God to take [the ministry] to new heights. Let’s all get behind Jewish Voice.”

Jack Hayford—The King’s University

Jack Hayford—The King’s University

“Jonathan Bernis and Jewish Voice are as penetrating as evangelism gets anywhere. That this penetration is taking place so effectively among God’s ancient people, the Jews, makes it all the more deserving of our support, since there are so few with such an effective cutting edge. This is a ministry of integrity and wisdom in communicating in one of the most delicate and demanding arenas, penetrating the understanding of God’s ancient people with the great love He offers them through our Savior.”

Bill McCartney—Promise Keepers

Bill McCartney—Promise Keepers

“These festivals have reached thousands of Jewish people. There is no other known historical record where so many Jewish people have accepted the Gospel as have through the ministry of Jewish Voice.”

Dr. James Dobson—Founder, Focus on the Family

Dr. James Dobson—Founder, Focus on the Family

“. . . Your strong commitment of support, love, and understanding for Israel and the Jewish people clearly reflects God’s heart, plans, and purpose—not only for Israel, but the entire world.”

Jay Sekulow—American Center For Law and Justice

Jay Sekulow—American Center For Law and Justice

“As a Jewish Christian, I appreciate the impact you are having both here in the United States and internationally . . . as you proclaim the message of hope found in Yeshua and do it so effectively.”

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