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Urgent Financial Challenge We MUST Meet Immediately

Thank you for your support!

Insider Report Q2 2019

We need YOUR help...

Please understand, I wouldn’t write to you like this if there wasn’t a real need. And while I’m not going to tell you we’re in a crisis, here’s what we’re facing…

Right now, we have a significant financial challenge we must meet as quickly as we can.

With the market plummeting late last year, we ended the year behind budget. And with giving not keeping up, we haven’t been able to keep up with our ministry commitments or recover…

Even as I write, we’re short of meeting our program needs by over $1,000,000.

For 35 years, God has always been faithful. I’m sure you’ll agree, He is our provider. And I know He’ll see us through this time.

Because you’re one of our faithful partners, I’m praying He’s already moving in your heart to give a generous gift now. Because the work we do together to support the Jewish people in Israel and around the world is too critical.

And looking ahead, there are so many more opportunities on the horizon we MUST take advantage of. More Medical Outreaches needed throughout Africa. Meeting the needs of more Holocaust survivors and sharing with them the truth of Yeshua (Jesus).

We’re even planning our first ever Festival in Poland -- an incredible opportunity for Jewish people in Poland to experience and encounter their Messiah.

That’s what this is all about. It’s not just dollars and cents -- it’s about building God’s Kingdom and joining the work God is doing to draw His people to Himself.

We simply can’t pull back in our efforts around the world.

So please don’t wait. I’m praying you’ll give quickly, and as generously as you can.