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Your gift means help and hope for Jewish people struggling to survive!

When Ballet’s father brought him to the Jewish Voice Medical Clinic in Gondar, he feared that his boy would not survive much longer. “I hope my child lives,” he said. It was a father’s desperate cry for help.

Ballet had a parasitic infection from drinking contaminated water. Our doctors were able to treat him. In addition to the life-saving medical care you provided, you supplied them with simple, low-cost water filters called LifeStraws® that eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria, parasites and solid particles from their drinking water.

Because of you, neither Ballet, nor his family, nor so many others in their village has to drink contaminated water anymore.

Please consider sending a gift to help save more lives and share the Gospel with more Jewish people and their neighbors in some of the most remote parts of the world

Please also know that we are grateful for your partnership. None of this would be possible without you!