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Israel Rising Package  (2145)

  • Israel Rising - Book
    In this captivating book by Doug Hershey you'll see the literal fulfillment of the Hebrew prophets' vision of the ancient Land's rebuilding.
  • Miracle of Israel DVD
    The Miracle of Israel tells the story of the only nation in the history of the world that has maintained a national identity for centuries without a homeland. 

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Pray for Israel Wall Art Package (4181)

This package includes:

  • Pray for Israel Wall Piece
    Designed exclusively for Jewish Voice Ministries by one of our partners, this beautiful wood wall piece is cut in the shape of the State of Israel and has a veneer of olivewood, which is natural to the Holy Land. 
  • 70 Years: Israel's Prophetic Past, Present, And Future DVD
    Watch the miraculous story of Israel's 70th anniversary back in its original land after a dispersion of nearly two millennia.
  • Israel Rising
  • Miracle of Israel DVD