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You change lives. We'll cover the coffee.

With every bag of coffee, you reach out to bless someone living in a poverty-stricken Jewish community with humanitarian aid and the Gospel of Jesus, their messiah.



Buna Bet means ‘coffee house’ in Amharic, the official language in Ethiopia where Jewish Voice sources its beans. This coffee is produced by some of the Jewish communities in Ethiopia where Jewish voice has been reaching for the past 55 years.

Fair Trade, Organic, and Kosher certified, our artisan roasted, 100% Arabica beans come from a single source, grown on a farm at high altitude to produce notes of citrus, blueberry and chocolate in this light-bodied, aromatic brew.


The “Lost Tribes”

There are hundreds of thousands of Jewish People who live below the poverty line in places you may have never heard of.

Because of persecution over the centuries in many of the countries in which they now live, many Jewish People hid their Jewish heritage by practicing their faith in secret.

Some are locally known to be Jewish – and suffer prejudice and persecution because of it – but have only recently become known to the rest of the world.

In the last 75 years or so, Jewish communities have become known in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, India, China, and other surprising countries. Even more surprising to some is that members of the "Lost Tribes" living in these countries look like any other people native to these regions.

Even though the “Lost Tribes” are found, the name stuck because it says so much about their history.

Today, these “Lost Tribes” still face persecution, untreated illness, and lack of access to basic necessities.

Access to medicine is often limited and often their source of water is filled with contaminants that can lead to death and disease.



What is the passion behind Jewish Voice?

Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel and see all Israel saved. One of the keys that opens doors toward this is compassionately meeting physical needs.

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” That’s what our President and CEO, Jonathan Bernis, always says.

And he’s right! We wholeheartedly want to alleviate physical suffering in these poverty-stricken Jewish communities. At the same time, we recognize that the spiritual side of things is even more critical because the consequences last for eternity.

How can I make the greatest impact?

You can make the greatest impact by expressing your love for the Jewish people through a monthly gift to Jewish Voice. When you do, you join a special community called our Shalom Partners.

The word Shalom means more than just “peace.” It also implies goodwill, completeness and prosperity. What a beautiful way to describe friends of Jewish Voice Ministries who choose to show their love for the Jewish People through faithful monthly giving!

Your regular monthly support as a Shalom Partner enables us to plan Outreaches ahead of time, respond quickly when emergencies arise, and effectively steward God’s resources in a way that maximizes your kingdom impact.

Plus, when you sign up to be a Shalom Partner, you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Free access to select digital books to grow your knowledge

  • A weekly ministry email to keep you informed

  • A bag of Lost Tribes Buna Bet Coffee

  • Quarterly Jewish Voice Messenger digital magazine to encourage you

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes – part of them, anyway. The amount of your donation above the fair market value of the coffee you receive is tax deductible. You can find a breakdown showing the fair market value of items you received by logging in to your Jewish Voice partner account (or create one here). Click Giving History from the menu to learn the tax-deductible amounts of your donations.

Do you need volunteers for your Medical Outreaches to the “Lost Tribes”?

Yes. We need medical professionals and non-medical volunteers. Medical roles include doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, dentists and dental hygienists. Non-medical roles include line management, administration, children’s ministry, and prayer counselors in the Spiritual Care Ministry. Visit our Medical Outreaches page to learn more.

How fresh is the coffee?

Our coffee goes from green beans to roasted to ground and packaged in about four days. Each bag undergoes a process to remove the oxygen, creating an optimal environment that promotes a full 12-month shelf life.

Is Lost Tribes Coffee kosher?

Yes! Our delicious LTCC coffee comes to you via a certified kosher process, observed and approved by a rabbi and adhering to the strict standards of Kosher Check.

What other certifications does the coffee have?

Besides being Kosher Check certified, Lost Tribes coffee is also Fair Trade and Organic certified.

How can I track my coffee shipment?

You can track your coffee shipment through your Jewish Voice partner account. Simply log in to your account (or create one here), and under Shipping History, you’ll be able to track your shipment.

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