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Dietary Laws

Do Messianic Jews observe the Jewish dietary laws?

The biblical commandments regarding dietary practices are rather simple and straightforward. Generally speaking, scavengers of either land or sea are to be avoided. Mammals that both chew the cud and have hooves may be eaten. The consumption of blood is to be avoided.

The later rabbinical codes for what constitutes Jewish food have developed and become more extensive over the centuries to create a rather complicated system of Kashrut (Kosher food). The extra rabbinical requirements purposefully sought to socially preserve the religious sanctity of the Jewish home.

Many Messianic Jewish people do continue to follow the basic biblical commandments found in the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) given to the people of Israel.

Should Christians keep the food laws that were given to Jewish people?

Peter’s vision in Acts 10 clearly demonstrated God’s love for all varieties of human beings and His intention to bring Messianic redemption to those of every nation. Nowhere in Scripture are non-Jews expected to strictly adhere to the ever-evolving rabbinic dietary customs. At the same time, we must admit that Peter’s vision was not a certification for the eating of biblically unclean foods by Jewish people.

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