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Bless your family and the Jewish people beyond your lifetime.

When you give a legacy gift to Jewish Voice Ministries and become an Abraham Promise Partner, you are helping provide clean water, humanitarian aid, medical care, and, most importantly, the Good News of Jesus to the Jewish people who need it the most, all over the world.

There are many legacy gift options that make it possible for you to bless the Jewish people while you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family, assets, and values will be protected and passed on according to your wishes.

No matter your income or situation, everyone needs an estate plan. Get started on yours today!

Wills & Trusts

Whether you choose to donate a specific amount or percentage of your estate to Jewish Voice Ministries in your will or trust, your gift will directly and profoundly impact the lives of the Jewish people and their neighbors we serve throughout the world.

Out of sincere appreciation for your support and prayers, Jewish Voice has partnered with to help you create and complete your will at no cost or obligation to you. The planning tool, documents, and all future updates and changes are covered by JVMI.

Report a Gift

Please let us know about a gift in your will or trust.

It can often be difficult to plan and make sure that your gifts are used in line with your wishes if they are left unknown. But more importantly, we want to say thank you for considering our work as a part of your legacy.

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to consult your tax advisor to learn the best options for you.

Planned Giving encompasses gifts involving more advance planning than writing a check or contributing by credit card. It is an area of giving that is also called Legacy Giving or Estate Giving, and can include either cash or non-cash gifts.

You can leave a designated amount or a percentage of your estate, whichever you choose. Jewish Voice has partnered with to help you create and update your will or trust.* If you already have a will or trust in place and just need the beneficiary information for JVMI, please fill out the form below so we can send it to you.

For more information, you may email us at or call (602) 288-5792.

*Available in the US only.

In addition to bequeathing a charitable gift in your will or trust, you can also donate non-cash assets. You can give these now or specify their distribution in your will or trust. Examples include stocks, securities, mutual funds, annuities, retirement account Required Minimum Distributions, vehicles, real estate or other property.

First, you'll receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the shares, no matter what you originally paid for them.

Second, you will pay no capital gains tax on the transfer. This combination of benefits makes giving appreciated securities a very rewarding charitable and financial plan.

We take the mean of the high and low prices for the security on the day it came into our possession. If the high price was $80 per share and the low price was $70 on that day, your gift will be valued at $75 per share.

It is important that you contact us so that we can assist you with transfer instructions. If you own securities in a brokerage account, we can help you set up an electronic transfer of the shares to our brokerage account. If you possess actual stock certificates, we can tell you how to sign the certificates over to us and fill out a stock power form.

Yes, and we can coordinate the transfer with the administrators of your fund.

You can, but your deduction will be limited to the current, depressed value of the stock. It's wiser planning to sell the stock, take a tax loss, and then get a second tax benefit by giving us the cash proceeds.

  1. You can use it to convert highly appreciated but low-yielding assets into a lifetime income stream at greatly reduced capital gains cost, while also securing an immediate income tax deduction.
  2. You will frequently receive a higher payment rate from a gift annuity than from any other life-income gift.
  3. Your payments will be safe, stable and predictable.
  4. Part of your annuity payments will come to you tax-free. If you funded your annuity with appreciated assets, another portion of your payments will be taxed at low capital gains rates. Only the remaining balance of the payments will be taxed as ordinary income.

One is not necessarily better than the other. Both have distinct advantages. A gift of cash will produce a larger tax-free portion of the annuity. A gift of stock will reduce the donor’s capital gain tax. Both assets produce an equal annuity rate and charitable income tax deduction.

No, a gift annuity is a contract between us, providing for our payments to you in return for your gift to us. Your lifetime payments are one of our general obligations, fully backed by all of our assets.

A charitable gift annuity can only be setup for one or two lives. This is typically a husband and wife, but it could be two siblings, two friends, etc. Generally, a child's longer life expectancy lowers the annuity's rate of return to an unattractive level. is a simple platform tool that anyone can use to create these important documents. All estate plans made using FreeWill are 100% legal and specifically tailored to your jurisdiction.

Their no-cost estate planning tools are made possible by the support of hundreds of nonprofit organizations, including Jewish Voice.

We're here to help you

Complete the form below and we will send you information about these gift options. If you prefer, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and interests over the phone, please call 800-424-0408

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