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In the ever-evolving world of broadcast television, the only constant seems to be—CHANGE! We at Jewish Voice Ministries International, producers of “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis,” have restructured our broadcast to bring you a world-class show that is both meaningful and insightful to your spiritual journey.

To produce and deliver the best quality show with relevant guests, a brand new studio, and new, fresh formatting, our team has searched, researched, and landed on the best combination available to make sure you are engaged, educated, and yes, even entertained!

Here at Jewish Voice, we take our stewardship responsibility very seriously, and our commitment to financial transparency drove us to make these improvement decisions. We believe we’ve created a model of creativity fueled by a passionate team that delivers and outstanding show-- at a lower price.

Starting September 5th, most of our broadcasts will remain in the same time slots on the same networks and channels where you’ve always watched us. A slight difference is that instead of broadcasting several different shows with the same guest for a full week (or two), we’ll be showing the same show Monday through Friday each week. You won’t miss a thing!

This change will enable us to increase the quality of the topics and guests we have and will be more meaningful for you!

We want to make sure you don’t miss these exciting improvements to our broadcast; we invite you to find our updated listings at

We just know you’ll enjoy Rabbi Bernis’ exciting biblical teaching, relevant and timely guests, and inspiring testimonies. From time-to-time, we may even include a familiar musical guest. In addition, you’ll see new segments such as, “Ask the Rabbi” and “5-Minute Feasts” which will provide you with new levels of insight and understanding of life’s mysteries and traditions.

We are so excited! This new season of broadcasts kicks off with some outstanding guests you’ll not want to miss. So, tune in weekly to your regular stations for “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis!”

We trust our new season of shows will bless you and your family!

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