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Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) has been named as a “Certified Best Workplace” by the Best Workplaces Institute for the third consecutive year.

“JVMI is committed and intentional about our work environment and culture and strives to offer a healthy and flourishing workplace for our employees,” commented Ellen Nevitt, CPO. “It is imperative to Jewish Voice that our employees feel encouragement, have growth opportunities and find their work to be rewarding and relevant.”

“It is gratifying to achieve certification two consecutive years and I attribute it to both the honest feedback from our employees and our leaders’ willingness to respond and change where needed,” said CEO and President of JVMI Jonathan Bernis. “Creating and growing a healthy culture takes commitment and it is a journey of continuous improvement. Our goal is to be one of the top ministry workplaces in the nation.”

The Best Workplaces Institute states that “the certified status reflects a ‘healthy-to-flourishing’ culture, meeting predetermined standards of excellence.” Additionally, it measures eight characteristics of workplace culture by means of their “Employee Engagement Survey,” which is an online survey allowing employees to anonymously submit their opinions. The “FLOURISH” model illustrates:

  • F antastic Teams
  • L ife-Giving Work
  • O utstanding Talent
  • U plifting Talent
  • R ewarding Compensation
  • I nspirational Leadership
  • S ustainable Strategy
  • H ealthy Communication

“As an organization, we are committed to open dialogue on how to improve and continually move forward,” said EVP/CFO Michael McClellan. “It is vital that we regularly evaluate our processes and our responses to feedback and these exercises will continue to be helpful for us.”

One component to creating this effective and welcoming environment is taking great effort in determining the most qualified and appropriate people for each new opening on the staff.

“Hiring not only highly skilled people, but also deliberately working to recognize those who have been called by God to this unique ministry has become a focus of ours,” said CPO Ellen Nevitt. “There are many special things about working in a ministry, but there are many challenges as well and we want to be sure we bring in those who feel this is a calling and they are rightly aligned to our mission and purpose.”

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