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The mission at Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) is To Proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jew first and also to the Nations throughout the world, according to Romans 1:16. In order to be equipped and enabled to do this an employer, JVMI works to create a healthy and flourishing work environment for their employees – those who are called to this ministry. We are pleased to announce JVMI has completed this accomplishment for 2016 as a newly named “Certified Best Workplace” by the Best Workplaces Institute (

As BWI reports, “the certified status reflects a ‘healthy-to-flourishing’ culture, meeting predetermined standards of excellence.” BWI measures eight characteristics of workplace culture by means of their “Employee Engagement Survey” which they conduct online allowing employees to participate anonymously. Their “FLOURISH” model illustrates:

  • F antastic Teams
  • L ife-Giving Work
  • O utstanding Talent
  • U plifting Growth and Development
  • R ewarding Compensation
  • I nspirational Leadership
  • S ustainable Strategy
  • H ealthy Communication

“This is a wonderful achievement,” said Jonathan Bernis, CEO and President at JVMI. “Though this is our first year to participate in the BWI survey, we’ve been working hard to enhance our communication, create a rewarding workplace and build sound strategies for years. It’s gratifying to see our efforts validated by a reputable organization that specializes in this type of evaluation.”

Among the healthy culture aspects that make up JVMI, a crucial one has been the method of hiring and placing staff as they continue to grow and expand their outreach events, medical clinics and media broadcasts. “First, we pray for God to send us the right people who are aligned with our mission, values, and brand promises,” comments Ellen Nevitt, HRO. “We also assess their knowledge, skills, abilities and God given gifts to the position requirements to determine their fit factor. All of which makes for happy employees!”

The endeavor to be a continuously flourishing workplace will continue under newly appointed EVP/COO Chuck Wooten. “Our goal is to leverage the strengths we identified from the BWI survey to enhance our workplace while still addressing any areas where we can improve. The culture of our workplace is a responsibility we take very seriously. After all – we do answer to a higher purpose.”

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