Abeba was desperate for a miracle of her own

The Jewish Voice team was recently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for a Medical Outreach.

Thanks to your support, 13,005 Jewish people and their neighbors were reached with critical medical care. But your generosity provided so much more to these people in desperate need.

God is using your compassion and support to unleash eternal hope. And the lives of Jewish people in desperate need are being transformed!

Whether it’s supernatural healing, a drink of clean water or even an encouraging embrace – God is doing a miraculous work among His people. And you’re part of it all.

And Abeba was desperate for a miracle of her own ...

A grandmother’s weighty burden

When our Medical Outreach team first encountered Abeba, we knew she’d walked for miles to reach us. But even more significant, this frail woman had carried a young child on her back.

Concern, fear and exhaustion were etched in the lines on Abeba’s face. And we knew instantly . . . this grandmother was at her wit’s end.

We learned the source of Abeba’s concern was her 3-year-old granddaughter – she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t walk and Abeba was powerless when she was taken with sudden outbursts.

Accused of being a curse

Abeba also shared her tragic story. When it became evident that something was wrong with the little girl, her dad walked out on the family, calling the girl a “curse.” And without his source of income, the girl’s mom had to leave to find work in the city.

So Abeba was all alone trying to care for her granddaughter. She had no idea what was wrong . . . or how to help the child. And she needed answers.

After hearing her story and evaluating the child, our team shared that she suffered from autism. And while there’s no cure, we connected Abeba with medical resources in her area who could help support her and the child.

An unexpected miracle

In the middle of the experience, Abeba’s granddaughter was suddenly triggered – spasming and jerking . . . seemingly out of control.

It was evident in Abeba’s eyes that this kind of episode happened often, and that she didn’t know what to do. Tears of worry filled her eyes.

Then one of our team members laid a hand on the child’s leg, applying a soothing amount of pressure in her grip. This team member had experience working with autistic children and explained it was a simple calming technique. The team member and medical staff helped Abeba learn how to do it for herself.

Abeba was overjoyed with the answers. She gave thanks knowing she was no longer alone in caring for her granddaughter. Suddenly the weight she’d felt all these years was lighter. There was hope for the child she loved so much.

This story is just one example of thousands that demonstrate the impact of your support.

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