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Because of your support, we’re reaching the Jewish people in some of the most remote and hardest-to-reach areas in the world with the Gospel!

November 01, 2023

You have been a tremendous blessing to the Jewish people. Because you are a faithful partner in ministry, God has used your prayers and support to usher true hope – and the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) – to so many people in desperate need. But our work is not finished. Until every Jewish person and their neighbor have a chance to hear the Gospel, to experience its power – we must continue. As the Messiah’s return draws even closer...we must double our efforts.

And with your help today, we will. That’s why, as you read about the worldwide impact we’ve already made through your support, I pray you’ll be inspired to give again as we launch a new year of incredible ministry in 2023.

Thank you for partnering with us.



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