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Get ready for an exciting new year of ministry!

January 15, 2021

God’s direction and your partnership make it possible

I’m excited to launch this new year of ministry to Jewish people, and I’m so thankful for your partnership that makes it all possible!

As we’ve prayed and sought God’s direction through all of the challenges of 2020, He has answered and given us a vision for great works to be done in His name to draw His people into a relationship with their Messiah.

Your giving and prayer support are vital to accomplishing more for God’s Kingdom in 2021.

In this issue of Good News, you’ll read about some of these wonderful new ways of carrying out our vision “to transform lives and see all Israel saved.”

They include adapting some of our Medical Outreaches in Africa to become smaller, more mobile clinics. We are also expanding our clean water and sanitation efforts.

In Israel, we will continue to meet the physical needs of Holocaust survivors, recent immigrants, widows, orphans and other Jewish people who are hurting.

Please read more below, and then I hope you’ll start 2021 by blessing the Jewish people with both your prayers and a gift to help launch this exciting new year of ministry.

Here's how you change the lives of Jewish people around the world

Africa: New opportunities and expanding existing ministry programs


Not only will the Mobile Clinics provide a greater opportunity to share the Gospel and meet spiritual needs, both the Clinics and the water & sanitation ministry will help the Messianic congregations gain more respect and influence in their communities. In addition, our leadership and development program will strengthen the congregations. We also have the Zehra Kids Program in Zimbabwe, a special ministry to provide spiritual education to children while their parents are receiving care at our Medical Outreaches.


The coronavirus pandemic created a need to think differently about our Medical Outreaches. This year we will hold Mobile Clinics, allowing us to minister in more remote communities and travel to areas that have a greater number of Jewish people. We will also work even more closely with the local Messianic congregations and help boost their presence and impact. Mobile Clinics will also give us more freedom to share the Gospel and offer prayer and counseling, along with providing medical, dental and eye care.


Our ministry in Africa includes providing LifeStraws – simple, portable water filtration devices that turn dirty water into clean water for drinking and cooking. In 2021, we will provide a greater number of Family LifeStraws to benefit even more people. In addition, we will work with local Messianic congregations to research how to expand our water and sanitation efforts so we can meet important needs in these communities. This will also increase the effectiveness of the congregations by attracting more people to where they can get clean water.

Israel: Bringing help and hope through life-changing ministries


When you give to help meet basic physical needs like dental care, groceries and more for Jewish people, it often creates the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Because they know someone cares, they are more open to hearing about the hope of our Messiah, Jesus, who can give them hope and a future.


An important part of our ministry in Israel is with Holocaust survivors. They have endured so much and are often suffering because of it. Your support provides much-needed dental care, medical care, assistance with groceries and more.


Your partnership will provide groceries for those who can’t afford them due to the pandemic. You’ll help provide shelter and support for widows, orphans and single moms in crisis. And you’ll help Messianic congregations with needs including building expenses, pastor support and Bibles and other books and materials. Plus assistance for others in need, like recent immigrants and those who are homeless.


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