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“I’m afraid my baby will die!”

November 01, 2023

Mudiwa* was overwhelmed and in agony for her baby. She knew something was wrong with her child’s health. That’s why this caring, loving and concerned mother
came to the Jewish Voice Outreach in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe.

But what Mudiwa didn’t know was that the situation was much more dire and urgent. As she stood in line, she cried out, “I’m afraid my baby will die!” Thousands of Jewish people – and their neighbors – visited this incredible Outreach. In fact, many even stayed overnight, sleeping on the ground with their children and families, to ensure they could receive ministry and care.

Not only is this an example of the incredible need and why our work together in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa is so important, but it’s also a reminder of how much love and compassion Jesus had for the crowds of suffering people that followed Him in His ministry.

Following Jesus’ example, we receive Jewish men, women, children and families with open arms – doing everything we possibly can to meet their most urgent needs. But more than that, we share the Gospel message and the power and hope of the Good News that’s for all people, “first to the Jew, then to the Gentile” (Romans 1:16).

And thank God, because of your generous support, we were there for Mudiwa...

The Jewish Voice team quickly responded to Mudiwa’s fearful cry for help. We comforted her while a volunteer physician checked her baby – realizing
quickly that her baby wasn’t just sick...

The child was suffering from pneumonia. And it was so severe that the baby’s life was at risk. Without immediate care, the child would not survive.

The team of doctors and volunteers rushed Mudiwa and her baby inside the Clinic, so the child could start immediate treatment. And after a couple of intense
hours of prayer and care, Mudiwa’s baby began showing signs of improvement. And today, because of your life-saving help, the child is alive!

Mudiwa was overwhelmed with gratitude for the help she received. Holding her healthy baby tighter, she says, “Thank you for caring for us and saving my
baby.” After volunteers prayed with Mudiwa and shared Jesus with her, Mudiwa was quick to proclaim to others at the Outreach what the Messiah had done for her. Praise God!

Thank you for the difference you’re making through your generosity.

* Name changed for privacy.

Alpha escapes certain death because of your support!

Little Alpha escaped a death sentence, thanks to your help. He visited our Outreach in Zimbabwe because he was suffering from a massive cyst in his mouth.

The cyst was so big that Alpha couldn’t close his mouth. For a child like Alpha, this kind of ailment is deadly. Our team, thanks to your help, was able to get Alpha the life-saving surgery he needed to remove the cyst. In fact, because of you, the costs for his care from local physicians and the area hospital were entirely covered.

Today, Alpha has his life longer suffering from the cyst. And he knows it was all possible through the love and compassion of your generosity, in Jesus’ name.


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