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Millions of Jewish people have yet to hear the Good News

July 16, 2021

You can join this unprecedente10-year journey to reach the remaining “Lost Tribes of Israel” around the world

Jewish people don’t just live in Israel or the U.S. There are Jewish communities all over the world. And through genetic testing and anthropological
study, many members of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” are being discovered across much of Africa, Asia and beyond. It’s truly amazing!

And many still have not heard the Good News! That’s why it’s critical that we reach them. If we don’t go to these communities and share the hope of Jesus with them, who will? What greater blessing is there than to introduce God’s Chosen People to the Messiah?

Please prayerfully consider how you can help launch our 10-year initiative to reach the remaining “Lost Tribes of Israel” around the world. We need your support more than ever to help more Jewish people discover the love and hope of the Messiah Jesus. To help today, just fill out and return the enclosed reply form with your gift. Thank you!

Millions of Jewish people have yet to hear the Good News

You can play a key role in reaching the remaining “Lost Tribes of Israel” around the world

I’m writing to share something exciting with you! God has put on our hearts the vision to take the Good News to all of the remaining scattered Jewish communities around the world who have not yet been reached with the hope of Jesus the Messiah. Our goal is to accomplish this in the next 10 years. This would be in conjunction with the worldwide goal of multiple Bible translation ministries to provide all people access to God’s Word by approximately 2033.

With your support, we want to share the Good News with ALL of the unreached “Lost Tribes of Israel” – from places like India, Central Asia, the remote Pacific Islands and other regions in eastern and southern Africa. Just as we have done in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other countries, our plan is to seek out these Jewish
communities, identify their physical needs – from clean water to medical care and more – and help meet these needs in the name of Jesus.\

Inside this issue of Good News, you’ll see how we plan to carry out this vision God has given us – but it will only be possible when compassionate friends like you
partner with us both in prayer and giving.

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