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One Jewish woman's transformation

January 15, 2021

From almost having an abortion to saving babies from it

“Without a doubt or second thought I did not want this baby,” Rebecca* remembers.

She was 19 and still serving in the Israeli army. Single and living with her mother, Rebecca’s economic situation “was very bad.” And she couldn’t imagine a long-term relationship with the father of her baby.

As Rebecca walked to the local health department, abortion papers in hand, she saw a pamphlet with a photo of a baby on it laying on the ground and picked it up.

A God-orchestrated turning point

Rebecca went home and called the number on the pamphlet. She reached Anat, a woman who works for a pro-life organization in Israel supported by Jewish Voice – and you, our caring partners.

Anat listened and offered hope, easing Rebecca’s worry and doubt. Rebecca says, “she encouraged me in every way to keep my treasure.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Anat continued to check in with Rebecca. When her baby girl was born, the organization provided needed baby furniture and Anat offered emotional support.

A second pregnancy

When Rebecca found herself pregnant again after trying to reconcile with her daughter’s father, she again felt overwhelmed. When she called Anat, “her calming gentle voice brought peace to my heart.”

After her second daughter was born, our partner organization again helped meet critical needs for Rebecca and her girls. They also helped her learn life skills, leading her to study to become a doula to help other pregnant women and be able to support her family.

When Rebecca fell into a deep depression, she struggled to care for her daughters. Their father stepped in and stepped up. As Rebecca recovered, they reconciled and then married. When their third child was born, once more Anat and the organization were there to help the family.

“I will never forget all the support that I received through all the years…that [you] lifted me up and believed in me to be where I am today,” Rebecca says. “My profession and my love are to help with pregnancy and birth and to see babies saved from abortion.”

A life transformed

What a difference you’ve made through your support for Rebecca and other young women facing crisis pregnancies in Israel! Rebecca’s life has been completely transformed because of your compassion and generosity.

“Rebecca became a fighter for life not only for herself but for many young women around her,” says Anat. “By now over 20 babies were saved from abortion through her. She meets the women everywhere, tells them her story, and connects them with me so that [our organization] will help them.”

Please thank God with us for the babies saved from abortion and for the partner ministries we support – together we are changing and saving lives in the name of our Messiah Jesus!

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