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Reaching Jewish people around the world . . . THANKS TO YOUR HELP!

January 18, 2022

God has done an extraordinary work. And you’re a part of it.

Thank you for blessing the Jewish people – in Israel and across the globe. Your generosity as a faithful partner in this Kingdom work we share brings true hope to so many people in desperate need. And God has used you – to be a key part of extraordinary ministry around the world!

But our work is not complete. Until every Jewish person and their neighbor has a chance to hear the Good News of Yeshua, to experience the power of the Gospel – we must continue. The successes we’ve experienced, the impact we’ve made together – I pray – will be a catalyst that will inspire you to pray harder and give even more generously in the year ahead.

Inside, you’ll read more about the amazing worldwide impact and key initiatives you can be a part of as we move ahead in 2022. This is an amazing time to be a part of God’s work. I’m grateful you’re with us in this season of ministry.

Jonathan Bernis

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah

The Gospel is the heart of everything we do at Jewish Voice. In fact, it is the only hope we have of ever accomplishing our vision to “transform lives and see all Israel saved.” Whether we’re serving Jewish people and their neighbors – including entire families – through Outreaches or mobile Clinics in Africa or serving vulnerable Jewish people in Israel . . . the Gospel is the fuel for impact and true, radical transformation.

Ministering to the “Lost Tribes of Israel”

Communities of Jewish descendants are living in remote areas of the world – including in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Many live in extreme isolation. And others experience significant persecution. Your support helps rush physical care to these groups of Jewish people, providing clean water, medical essentials, dental care, eye exams and more! But more importantly, at each Outreach, we have a prayer and counseling area where God performs miraculous healings of both body and spirit. We’ve witnessed thousands of Jewish people come to faith in the Messiah, Jesus, inside our prayer tents!

Standing in support of Israel and Her People

Your support enables Jewish Voice to speak against the evil of anti-Semitism wherever it occurs – including acts of hostility against the people of Israel. And whenever possible, we offer encouragement and practical help to Jewish people suffering isolation and persecution – reaching vulnerable Jewish people like Holocaust survivors, the elderly, single moms and those struggling with homelessness and addiction.


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