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Saved and healed . . . in Jesus’ name!

August 01, 2022

Thank you for being a part of God’s miraculous work through Jewish Voice.

While we're working in Ukraine, we're also ministering in areas like Zimbabwe, where we met Constance.* Constance was an elderly woman, and she could barely walk. After what was probably a lifetime of manual labor in the fields – trying to earn a living for her family – her leg finally just gave out. When Constance came to the Outreach, our doctors couldn’t do much for her. Except pray. And she was eager for it . . .

So, we laid our hands on Constance and prayed for her. As we did, we shared the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) with her. Even amidst the physical pain she felt, she
accepted the Good News in joy and worship. But we were shocked when we saw her the next day . . . God had healed Constance in her sleep. And she was overwhelmed by the compassion and love of Jesus that changed her heart and then healed her leg. More than that, she’s now connected with a Messianic
Jewish congregation where she can grow in her faith, serve her community and find help and support from other Believers.

This is a testament of the power of God being unleashed among His people through your faithful prayers and support. The Gospel changes everything – hearts, lives, bodies and entire circumstances.

* Name changed for privacy.


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