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“Thank you for changing my life!”

November 01, 2023

Miriam grew up in an abusive home. And after years of suffering physical and emotional abuse with no end in sight, she turned to alcohol and drugs for relief. For a season, she felt they were her only hope to numb the pain – and to simply forget her tragic circumstances.

But Miriam’s situation suddenly became worse. Her family decided one day to simply kick her out of the house. And Miriam ended up living on the streets, homeless and broken...

Through your support, Jewish Voice provides funding to important Bible-based ministries throughout Israel. Moved by the promise of Genesis 12:3, we’re committed to doing everything we can to “bless” Israel and the Jewish people.

Miriam is proof of your impact! One of our partner ministries – a local women’s shelter – found Miriam on the streets. Because of your support, they were able to welcome Miriam to the shelter with open arms, sharing a meal with her, providing safe shelter and giving her a haven where she could rest and recover.

Miriam is healing. And God is at work opening her eyes and her heart to His unfailing love. Miriam has never been more open to the Gospel and to receiving the Good News of Jesus. “Thank you,” Miriam shares, “for changing my life!” Because of you, our partner ministries can provide practical resources like groceries, medical and dental care, counseling for those struggling with addiction, critical services and shelter for single moms and much more – all in the name of Jesus.

And, together, our work in Israel is making a real difference! Thank you for being a real blessing...

This is the kind of powerful difference your support makes. Thank you for being a real blessing to single moms, widows and orphans, recent immigrants, Holocaust survivors and other Jewish people in need in Israel. Together, we are changing lives in the name of Jesus the Messiah!

*Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy


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