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“Thank you for your kindness, your prayers and for caring about me.”

November 01, 2023

Abigail was already struggling to make it. A single mom of 2 little boys, she did everything she could to provide for her family and parent her kids. Abigail’s youngest son was born with some health problems, and at times, Abigail was overwhelmed by how often he needed medical care. But Abigail persevered.

Then her son needed a life-saving medical procedure in order for him to survive. Of course, Abigail would do anything for her son, but the costs she faced, the hospital visits, the special care that was needed...

Abigail finds help through your support.

Through your support, Jewish Voice helps to provide funding for 83 ministries throughout the Holy Land.

Moved by the promise of Genesis 12:3, we’re committed to doing everything we can to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Because of you, our partner ministries can provide practical resources like groceries, medical and dental care, counseling for those struggling with addiction, critical services and shelter for single moms and much more – all in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).

And, together, our work in Israel is making a real difference!

“You have proven to me that I am not alone.”

At her wit’s end and feeling both the financial pressure in front of her and concern for her baby boy, Abigail contacted one of our partner ministries.

Immediately, they launched into action to help provide care, support and relief to Abigail. In addition to receiving financial assistance that helped alleviate some of her financial burden, Abigail was able to talk through her fears and

And Abigail is so grateful. She says, “Thank you. You can’t imagine how much all that you have done for me has given me strength and helped me. You have proven to me that I am not alone. I am surrounded by God and by guardian angels, from all over the world, no matter what form they take!”

Thank you for being a real blessing.

This is the kind of powerful difference your support makes. Abigail’s words of thanks are for you. Thank you for being a real blessing to single moms, like Abigail, widows and orphans, recent immigrants, Holocaust survivors and other Jewish people in need in Israel. Together, we are changing lives in the name of Jesus the Messiah!

* Name changed for privacy.

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