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Chanukah Night 6: Eyes to See the Miraculous

December 15, 2020
Chanukah Night 6: Eyes to See the Miraculous

On this sixth night of Chanukah, we consider the everyday miraculous gifts the Lord provides.

Messianic Jewish Chanukah Blessings

Place six candles in the chanukiah tonight, setting them in the holders from right to left. As you light the Shamash, or Servant Candle, recite the Messianic Jewish Chanukah blessings:

Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with Your commandments and has given us Yeshua the Messiah, the Light of the World.

Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the universe, who has performed miracles for our ancestors in those days at this time.

Candle Lighting

Using the Shamash, light the Chanukah candles in the opposite direction from which you placed them in the holders. Light them from left to right. Return the Shamash to its place. Let the candles go out on their own. They should burn for a least half an hour.


Chanukah commemorates a huge miracle that took place in Jerusalem in the second century B.C.E. Not many of us are privileged to see such a mighty display when God steps in to redirect the natural way of things. Yet, every day we experience the miraculous, often without even noticing it.

Creation itself is full of miracles. There are more than a million species of animals on Earth. Snow is so varied that arctic natives have 50 words for it. There are 206 bones in the human body, more than half of them in the hands and feet alone. And when we stop to consider that the Lord involves Himself in the life of every Believer, we see that He brings the miraculous to us every day. He interacts with us through the Holy Spirit, answering prayers, prompting us toward His will, providing us opportunities to obey and trust Him every day.

In the Chanukah miracle story, we find an invitation to see that we are surrounded by the miraculous. If we have eyes to see it, we will have hearts full of wonder and joy.

From the Lord’s Word

The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. ––Psalm 118:23 NIV

He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and full of compassion. ––Psalm 111:4 NKJV

It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me. ––Daniel 4:2 NIV

I will give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds. ––Psalm 9:1 NIV


Lord, You have done wonderful works in this world – and in my life. Through Jesus, You have redeemed me from my sin and given me new life. The fact that the God of the universe loves me and wants a relationship with me is astounding itself. Thank You! Please give me eyes to see the miraculous works of Your hand in my everyday life – both physical and spiritual – that I may be filled with joy and praise You more.

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