Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do something extraordinary? Have a life-changing experience as you change the lives of others? Do something powerful and unforgettable? 

We have a special ministry adventure just for you!

Jewish Voice Medical Outreaches are about bringing healing and hope to a hurting people. We do this through free medical and dental clinics where every patient is also invited to our prayer room to be prayed for and given the eternal life-saving message of Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah.


Jewish Voice Ministries’ 2014 Zimbabwe Medical Outreaches

Two Clinics. One People. The Lemba of Zimbabwe are descended from the priestly line of Aaron, having retained their Jewish customs and faith for thousands of years absent of any outside Jewish influence. DNA testing overwhelmingly proves their claim of Jewish ancestry, showing a higher genetic marker than the general Jewish population. They have responded with great enthusiasm to the news that their Messiah has come.

Set in rural Zimbabwe these clinics provide the rustic adventure of tent accommodations, wonderful fellowship and worship, and a powerful impact on the needy people we serve!

Come with us and change their world!

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There is a place waiting for you!

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