It has been 20 years since we conducted an outreach in Ukraine. We are eager to go back and a city full of souls awaits the Good News of Yeshua! The window of ministry opportunity is closing fast for helping the Jewish People in Ukraine because of rising anti-Semitism in that nation.

We are working with the largest Messianic congregation in the world, located in group (1)Kiev, to bring our exciting  Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance to the Jewish People there. We are bringing spectacular evenings rich with professional artists for dramatic, musical and dance performances, depicting the history of the nation of Israel. Rabbi Jonathan Bernis will give a stirring message presenting Yeshua as the Messiah who is longed for by the Jewish People and was given for the sin of us all. ukraine_201_a These precious Jewish People need the message we have to offer. We can’t wait to introduce them to their Messiah, Yeshua! Our trip will be held during the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This is the time when Jewish People all over the world are focused on seeking forgiveness for their sins as they prepare to honor the Day of Atonement.  What timing! How much more powerful at this time of year will be the message of Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice for our sins! We need volunteers! This outreach needs lots of manpower for street evangelism (with translators, of course), information distribution, and event logistics. You are the foundation for success of our Festivals! Volunteer roles are critical to sharing the message of Yeshua. Come with us! Bringing the Good News of eternal life to the people of Kiev, Ukraine will be a powerful, amazing experience for you! The window is closing fast for reaching the Jewish People in Kiev. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the city and now is the opportune moment to bring them the hope and Good News of Yeshua. Is it Safe? The troubles in Ukraine are 300-plus miles from Kiev and the US Embassy’s Consular Services Section in Kiev remains open for all public services. It is the far eastern regions and the Crimean Peninsula to the south that are of concern. Deciding not to continue with our Festival for safety reasons would be like cancelling a trip to Chicago because there is a riot in New York. We just talked to residents of Kiev and everything is safe and quiet. In the event that the level of safety digresses, Jewish Voice Ministries will not risk the safety and security of our participants and staff. Therefore, we will cancel the outreach and all monies paid to Jewish Voice Ministries International for the Ukraine Outreach will be refunded at that time.

Please know that IF we cancel the outreach, we will reschedule for a later time and offer the following:

•    We will refund IN FULL the monies paid to us for the outreach and international flights •    OR, we will reschedule the outreach and will offer to pay the change fee enabling you to change your domestic flight and join us on the rescheduled outreach. (This only applies IF you join us on the rescheduled outreach.)

*Please also refer to the cancellation policy included in your participant packet for your reference.

email_cta24846For more information: E-mail outreach@jvmi.org or call 1-800-299-9374



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