This month is packed with an exciting new line-up!


David Hoffbrand | The Jewish Jesus

February 5-11

Jesus was Jewish, and that fact is very relevant to your faith today. Learn why as Messianic Jewish musician and pastor David Hoffbrand joins Jonathan Bernis to discuss his book, The Jewish Jesus, as well as the difference that restoring the Jewish lens of the Bible will make in your life. As you see how Jesus lived, thought and taught as a Jewish man, you will come to know Him as never before!


Eitan Shishkoff | What About Us?

February 12-18

Messianic Jewish Believer Eitan Shishkoff had a vision to create a place of refuge and healing for Israel’s returning exiles. He founded Tents of Mercy, a network of Messianic congregations in Northern Israel that is “an oasis of provision” to help Israel’s new citizens. Eitan joins Jonathan Bernis to discuss his book, What About Us?, which answers that question, which many Christians ask regarding the Gentiles’ role in Israel’s revival. Find out why standing with Israel is not only important, it’s a biblical mandate.


Jonathan Bernis | Pesach/Passover

February 19-25

Join Jonathan Bernis as he shares the meaning of one of the year’s most important Jewish holidays: Passover. Discover the key elements of Pesach, as it’s called in Hebrew, as well as the powerful prophetic significance of this Feast of the Lord.


Jonathan Bernis | The Spring Feasts and Purim

February 26-March 4

The Feasts of the Lord and other Jewish holidays set a rhythm for the Jewish year. Join Jonathan Bernis as he imparts deeper understanding of God’s appointed times and provides insights into the celebration of Purim. Learn why the Spring Feasts and Purim are also meaningful for Gentile Believers.

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