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Eight ways we are thanking the Lord for His provision this year

December 09, 2020
Eight ways we are thanking the Lord

It’s time for the Festival of Lights – Chanukah! Chanukah commemorates the victory God gave the ancient Jewish people as the brave Maccabees resisted Greek efforts to force them into idol worship.


The chanukiah – the nine-branched candelabra specifically used during this eight-night festival – reminds us of how one day’s supply of oil miraculously lasted eight days. This provided enough time to make a fresh batch of the special oil suitable for the newly rededicated Temple.


Each Chanukah, this miracle of provision reminds us of God’s faithfulness to His people, especially during challenging times. This year, it’s a particularly meaningful opportunity to recall the many ways the Lord has been faithful to us at Jewish Voice Ministries throughout this unusual and unsettling year.


Here are eight ways we are thanking the Lord for what He has provided this year. Will you join us in thanking Him for His faithfulness in 2020 and praying for these same areas for 2021?



  • Thank you, Lord, for Your protection this year, especially during our Outreach in February when we experienced violent opposition for the Good News’ sake
  • Please protect us now and through all of 2021 as we take the Gospel wherever You lead



  • Praise You, Lord, that during a global pandemic, You opened doors for us to walk through to deliver care, supplies, encouragement and news of salvation
  • You are stirring our hearts for those still unreached. Please open even more doors in 2021 and provide clear discernment regarding Your timing, locations and strategies


Growing Congregations and Developing Leaders

  • Thank you, Lord, that after several canceled trips this year, You provided a way for us to be with indigenous Messianic congregational leaders in person this month
  • Lord, may our December visit have maximum effect. Please give us wisdom for even more effective ministry to these leaders and congregations in 2021


Ministering to Children

  • Lord, against the odds, You chose this year to grow our ministry to children in Africa. Thank You!
  • During 2021 and beyond, please expand that ministry through the resources, strategies and workers You provide


Blessing Israel

  • Thank You, Lord, for the outpouring of support for Israel during our “Night of Promise” event in May as we partnered with so many Believers in standing with Israel during Shavuot/Pentecost
  • In 2021, please enable us to expand our partnership with others in blessing the people of Israel


Fostering Understanding Between Jewish and Gentile People

  • Lord, thank You for the launch of the podcast “A Jew and a Gentile Discuss” and how it is bringing greater understanding between Jewish people and Gentiles
  • Please use this podcast, and other means, in 2021 to help many people grasp Your heart for Israel and Your people around the world



  • Father, we could never have anticipated how this year would impact the global economy, but You knew. Thank You for how You have provided, allowing us to provide for others
  • Lord, may Your provision enable us to do all You are calling us to in 2021



  • Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of having such wonderful partners who are devoted to You and Your Chosen People
  • Please bless, refresh and provide for them as we move into next year, ready to serve You together


As we consider these eight “lights” of God’s provision this year, we are also reminded of the ninth candle on the chanukiah, often found in the center. It’s called the shamash or “servant” candle and is used to light the other eight.


In the same way, Jesus has been the center of everything we’ve done this year. He has inspired and motivated us even more strongly regarding the importance of taking the message that He is Savior, Messiah, and Light of the World to everyone we can – as soon and as clearly as we can. Thank you for partnering in prayer with us this year and next!



It’s time to renew our commitment to pray that all God’s purposes come to pass in 2021 – especially for His people in Israel and around the world. Watch for information about a new Jewish Voice Ministries prayer initiative to launch us into the New Year refreshed, refueled and recommitted to prayer.

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