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Families in Israel need your help

October 08, 2021

When Neviah (we have changed her name to protect her privacy) and her husband immigrated to Israel from Azerbaijan with their two sons, she had hope for a brighter future.

Unfortunately, not long after their daughter was born, Neviah’s husband turned violent. He was an alcoholic and began drinking more. Neviah feared for herself and her children. After a particularly violent attack by her husband, the neighbors called the police, and he was arrested and put in jail.

Neviah worked two jobs to try to make ends meet — unfortunately the pandemic meant her housekeeping job was nearly nonexistent, making her family’s already tight budget even tighter.

Neviah, who is Jewish, had accepted Jesus as Messiah before moving to Israel. During this turbulent family crisis, she turned to a local Messianic congregation for help.

This congregation — that’s supported by Jewish Voice — was able to come alongside Neviah and her children in their time of need. Neviah says her faith has been strengthened as she’s seen God provide for her through the challenges of this last year and a half.

Your support to Jewish Voice meant we could provide grocery vouchers through our partners on the ground for the months Neviah and her kids needed help with food. We were also able to help meet other urgent needs, including orthopedic
shoes for her special-needs son and dental work for Neviah.

This hardworking mom continues to grow in her faith as she takes part in a peer support group with other single mothers. Her kids are involved in the youth program sponsored by our partner ministry in Neviah’s community.

You help make all of this possible — from meeting urgent physical needs to offering support and encouragement!

I hope you will give again right now to help other women and children in need like Neviah and her kids.

There are so many facing similar difficulties who need help. Struggling single moms. Women fleeing domestic abuse. Widows. Orphans. Please say yes today!

I can’t think of a more wonderful way to share the love and hope of our Messiah, Jesus, than by being His hands and feet through your support! And you, in turn, will be blessed when you give. In the book of Psalms, King David says it like this:

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.” — Psalm 41:1 (NIV)

Because of your love for Israel and the Jewish people, I believe you’ll want to help meet this need and make a life-changing difference for someone like Neviah and her kids.

Knowing she can feed her children is like Neviah having a heavy burden lifted from her weary shoulders. And knowing someone cares gives her hope during a difficult season.

We must raise $172,000 to come alongside our ministry partners in Israel and make sure women and children who have nowhere else to turn get the help — and hope — they need.

For your gift of any amount, we would like to send you our 2022 Jewish Voice Wall Calendar, filled with images to remind you of the wonderful work you make possible through your support.

If you’re able to give $100 or more, we would like to add our Chanukiah. You’ll have your own nine-branched candelabra for Chanukah, designed especially for Jewish Voice partners. We’re offering the Chanukiah to you now so you’ll have time to prepare for your holiday celebration (Nov. 28-Dec. 6).

Thank you for doing what you can to make sure these women and children are cared for in the name of Jesus.

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