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February 18, 2014


8 pm EST

 Radical Islam - In Your Neighborhood?

with special guest Erick Stakelbeck

Is there a REAL danger from radical Islam? Is the Muslim Brotherhood in America? Are there really “sleeper cells” in the US waiting to attack? Are they active in gathering new followers? How bad is the threat and what would they do? Do they have a patient agenda that will take us all by surprise? Could they really be in MY city, my town, my neighborhood?

 Here is your opportunity to ask a recognized expert!

Erick Stakelbeck is a terrorism analyst and correspondent for CBN News. A well-known investigative news reporter and the host of the weekly CBN program, "The Watchman," Erick’s analysis and reporting covers the Middle East, the global war on terror, and the growing threat of radical Islam in America. Discover the depth and reach of this threat as Erick answers your questions about radical Islam.

Get inside information from interviews with radical Islamists and intelligence analysts.

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