And so it begins, with our first Medical Outreach of 2014 just a few days away! We start our year in Woliso, Ethiopia, and then just eight weeks from now, we will head to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to hold a new type of Outreach Event for the very first time. Your prayers reach out to locations, communities and lives that you may never touch physically, but through the power of prayer, you are having tangible and eternal impact on all we do! Let’s make a mark on 2014 together, in Yeshua’s Name!

Our WOLISO, Ethiopia Medical Outreach is from February 28 - March 9. Please pray:

  • For the health, protection, and families of our participants who will be packing and traveling over the next few days
  • For safe travels by plane, car, bus and any other conveyance needed
  • For all work on the roads to our Outreach area to be done in time and with excellence, as they were being worked on in preparation for our arrival
  • For the actual Medical portion of the Outreach which begins on Monday
  • Praise God for the wonderful team we have on board for this Outreach – many seasoned participants along with newcomers making up a great group of volunteers
  • Praise God as well that we have a pharmacist in place, as obtaining one for this Outreach was a challenge!
  • For ease, peace and joy for any first-time participants, as they watch the Lord work through them this next week
  • One of the core values of the Woliso Town government is to “work for change,” and we too are working together for change in Woliso; so please join us in praying our team will be anointed by God during their time there, to work together for physical change through medical care and supernatural healing; and for spiritual change through prayer, loving-kindness, and the clear communication of the Gospel, with signs and wonders!

Our ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Specialty (Eye and Dental) Medical Outreach Clinic and Celebration take place from April 25 - May 5. Please pray:

  • For a full team of Medical Specialty professionals to join us for this Clinic – this is a critical need!
  • For the ongoing development of the “Celebration” Festival portion of our time there, which will immediately follow the Clinic
  • For the right team of volunteers to minister at the Clinic and the Celebration, as we will use the same team for both
  • For all the logistics, guest speakers and musical artists for the Celebration to come together and fall in place smoothly, as this Event is just eight weeks away!
  • For stamina, refreshment, focus and authority for our Jewish Voice Ministries Outreach Team, as they are continually following up from previous Outreaches, packing and unpacking from the current one, and looking and working toward those that are yet ahead

On January 1, 2015, this year will be, as they say, “one for the books,” over and done, completed, and we will no longer have the chance to have an impact on 2014 through prayer. Thank you, Lord, for today, and for an opportunity through intercession to make a difference in so many lives, now.   

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Start praying now for our upcoming 2014 Outreaches, and consider joining us!

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