In Exodus 15 (verses 22-27), you’ll find a wonderful story about the miracle of clean water.

Right after crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites entered the Wilderness of Shur. But within three days, they were in desperate need of water.

Coming upon a spring called Marah (“bitter”), they found the water undrinkable. They grumbled to Moses, who wisely called out to God for help. God directed Moses to a tree and told him to throw it into the water. When he obeyed, the water was turned from bitter to drinkable.

What a beautiful example of how God can miraculously provide for our needs. And He’s still doing so today!

A modern-day miracle

At one of our recent Jewish Voice Medical Clinics in Zimbabwe, our workers reported on another amazing “bitter to sweet” water miracle.

In one village, the local people actually had two sources of water – a river and a well. But this wasn’t the blessing you might think!

The water in the river was terribly polluted and undrinkable.

Unfortunately, the well – which was coated in slimy green algae – was no better.

So there WAS water. But it wasn’t safe. This is where the miracle comes in!

One of the local village leaders and his family, who had helped with our Jewish Voice ministry efforts, had access to all the pure water they needed.

How? They’d been given one of our LifeStraws.

Dirty water … or even dirtier water. It’s a choice no one should have to make!

I’ve often written about LifeStraws in the past. But in case they’re new to you …

A LifeStraw is a remarkable, almost miraculous, water filtration device. This simple, portable, inexpensive filter removes 99.9 percent of the bacteria, parasites and pollutants from water.

That means it takes out almost all disease-causing contaminants, effectively turning “bitter,” undrinkable water into pure, safe, healthy water!

A Personal LifeStraw can filter about 1,000 gallons for one person, while a larger Family LifeStraw can provide 7,600 gallons of clean water. All without batteries or electricity. By using a changeable filter, LifeStraws can be used for years.

Do you see the connection to the Marah story in the Bible?Bitter, undrinkable water can be made drinkable, to meet the needs of thirsty people.

And that’s exactly what YOU can do right now with your gift of one or more LifeStraws for Jewish people and their neighbors living in remote areas of Africa and elsewhere!



Given the amazing benefits they provide, the cost of these miracle LifeStraws is incredibly low – just $15 for a Personal LifeStraw, or $75 for a Family LifeStraw.

That means …

Along with LifeStraws, Jewish Voice educates the community on the dangers of unclean water and the need for basic hygiene. And, as always, we provide Jewish people and their neighbors in remote areas with medical, dental and eye care.

And most important, we share the Good News of Jesus the Messiah – who called Himself “Living Water” and wants to give them abundant life, now and forever.

But, as always, this kind of truly lifesaving care can happen only through the compassion of our generous supporters – you and other friends and partners.

Give your best gift now, and I’ll send you a special THANK YOU!

Would you consider making a generous gift right now, to help provide clean water to Jewish people in need in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and elsewhere?

Each $30 you send will provide TWO Personal LifeStraws – clean water for TWO people. And each $75 will provide FIVE Personal LifeStraws or ONE Family LifeStraw. And $150 will provide enough LifeStraws for pure, healthy water for TEN people or TWO families.

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