As supporters of Israel, we can’t miss this wake-up call

November 16, 2019

TERROR GROUPS LAUNCH SUDDEN ROCKET ASSAULT AGAINST ISRAEL WHILE IRAN ADVANCES NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES Early Tuesday morning the sky over Israel was lit up by rocket fire out of Gaza. Within only a few hours’ time, terror groups along the southern border had fired over 150 rockets at cities and towns throughout the country. And more than 360 have been fired in just two days. A report from NBC states that "47 Israelis were wounded" in the attack. The sudden attack came in response to...

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Israel facing government questions and Hamas attacks

November 08, 2019

Israel faces Hamas threat while government still remains in question Last weekend, Hamas operatives unleashed a barrage of missile fire along Israel’s southern border. A total of 10 rockets were fired overnight on Friday, setting off the alarms along Israel’s border towns. Eight of the 10 rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Some property damage and minor injuries were reported. But the mental and emotional devastation simply can’t be calculated. The on...

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Lack of government leadership in Israel presents potential security risk

October 25, 2019

“See, I will gather [the Jewish people] out of all the countries, where I have driven them in My anger, My fury, and great wrath, and I will bring them back to [Jerusalem] and cause them to dwell securely. They will be My people, and I will be their God. I will give them one heart and one way, so they may fear Me forever; for their good and for their children after them… Yes, I will delight in doing good for them, and with all My heart and all My soul I will in truth plant them in this ...

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Iran promises ‘nothing will be left of Israel’

October 11, 2019

Israel prepares for war while the U.N. sticks its head in the sand In the midst of the continued political stalemate in Israel, the region is facing the potential for war with Iran. And if the words of the Deputy Commander for Operations of Iranian Revolution Guards, Abbas Nilforoushan, can be believed, the threat is significant. Speaking openly about the conflict between Iran and Israel, Nilforoushan said: “Iran has encircled Israel from all four sides. Israel is not in a position t...

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We must stand with Israel in this hour of uncertainty

October 04, 2019

No end in sight for Israel’s political stalemate The numbers from Israel’s unprecedented second round of elections are representative of the gridlock and tension the Jewish people in Israel are facing in the weeks ahead. Benny Gantz and his “Blue and White” party won the most seats in Knesset, edging out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “Likud” party by a slim margin of 33 to 31. But the Prime Minister received more endorsements from other lawmakers than Gantz. Both candidates, an...

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5 Reasons to Pray for Israel on October 6th

October 02, 2019

Praying for Israel seems to be either wholly on or completely off the radar of Believers. Here are five reasons we should be praying for Israel and Jerusalem, especially this October 6. 1. It’s “The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem” (DPPJ) The purpose of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) is to draw Believers together to focus on supporting and praying for peace in the Land of God’s Chosen People. According to the organization’s website, their call is for “sustain...

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Help unleash the greatest revival in human history

September 27, 2019

As I write, I sense a stirring in my spirit … an anticipation of things to come if only we’ll continue to move forward in faith. Even now, prophetically significant events continue to unfold before our eyes. While I’ll never argue that we can ever know the exact day of Jesus’ return, prophecies are like signposts — indicating the direction God is leading His people. And I believe with every passing day, these signposts will only accelerate until the final moment when Yeshua comes riding...

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Israel Elections: Join us as we support Israel in unprecedented times

September 20, 2019

Israel’s unprecedented second election in 5 months means we must pray like never before for Israel and her people! On Tuesday, Israelis returned to the polls for an unprecedented second round of elections. Just 5 months ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to survive a vicious election season, being re-elected for a historic fifth term. But despite the victory, Prime Minister Netanyahu was unable to gather together a majority to establish his governing coalition. As the re...

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Israel firefight with Hezbollah is largest in over a decade

September 13, 2019

Fighting erupts on Israel’s northern border, Hezbollah promises a war of terror Early last week, a sudden firefight erupted along the borderline of Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah – nothing more than a group of extreme, radicalized terrorists who are well-funded by Iran – fired anti-tank missiles at a clearly-marked ambulance on an Israeli army base. I thank God that no one was hurt. But here’s the reality of the situation: an all-out war will mean many innocent casualties. This cruel ...

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Israel’s right to defend herself against anti-Semitic rhetoric that has the potential to lead to bloodshed

September 03, 2019

No doubt by now you’ve heard about the firestorm of controversy surrounding congresswomen Rashida Talib and Ilan Omar … Talib is an American lawyer of Palestinian descent who serves as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Michigan. Omar is an American of Somali descent elected to the United States House of Representatives for the State of Minnesota. For weeks, they’ve been spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric and vitriol against Israel and Israeli Prime Minister, ...

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