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[Israel] Jewish people in need of your prayers

June 02, 2023


A Note from Jonathan Bernis

Shalom, my friend!

As violence and terrorist activity continue to impact the Jewish people in Israel – and globally – it’s easy to feel fear and uncertainty.

But we have hope. 

We have hope that we’ll never be alone or be left to the mercy of our struggles and difficulties. And that we’ll never be without a shepherd – The Shepherd. 

“ADONAI is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1 TLV

The Shepherd who is watching, waiting, leading and guiding. That’s the promise from the Scriptures for you today.

That’s why it’s to Him that we turn to now and ask for His protective presence to be upon all of us – and upon His Chosen People. Please join us in praying for peace and the safety of Israel and the Jewish people.

Thank you for standing with us through your partnership.

To the Jew first and also to the Nations,

Jonathan Bernis

President & CEO

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Headline News

Terrorist Neutralized in Suspected Terror Attack Near Mount Hebron

YNetNews reports that a terrorist wielding a knife was shot and neutralized late last week after he allegedly infiltrated an Israeli settlement in the southern Hebron Hills and attempted to stab people near a local synagogue.

No injuries were reported in the attempted attack.

Reports from eyewitnesses at the scene said that the person who shot the assailant was a member of the settlement's security team, who noticed the terrorist attempting to stab local residents while heading for the synagogue and opened fire to neutralize the suspect.

The IDF’s Home Front Command issued an alert to the settlement of suspected infiltration by terrorists after initial reports of the attack were received. "Enter your homes immediately, lock the doors and close the windows," the Home Front Command said in a statement to the residents and added that military forces were scanning the area.

While much remains unclear about the attack, Palestinians have reported a Palestinian “youth” was shot in front of a synagogue in the settlement south of Hebron.

Updates from the Middle East

IDF Downs Drone Crossing to Israel from Lebanon

The IDF downed a drone on Thursday that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory in the Upper Galilee. According to Israel’s military, "The drone was tracked by the IDF’s air control unit throughout the incident. The IDF will continue to operate to prevent any violation of Israel's sovereignty." The drone was a small, unarmed surveillance unit and was brought down via electronic warfare.

Over 170 Wildfires Break Out Across Israel Amid Heavy Heatwave

Israel's Fire and Rescue Services fought at least 176 separate forest fires across Israel last weekend amid a severe heatwave felt throughout the country. The Israeli police asked all people to avoid the areas of the fires while firefighters worked to bring the fires under control and locate all the travelers in the area.

Pray with Us This Week

Please pray for:

  • God to continue to protect innocent lives from the fighting in Ukraine and to bring a peaceful end to the invasion by Russia
  • God to surround His people in Israel, who are constantly facing threats and violence from surrounding enemies
  • God to give wisdom and insight to Israel’s leaders to make wise decisions and for there to be unity among the Jewish people in Israel
  • Peace in the hearts and minds of the people of Israel and their enemies
  • The Jewish people to recognize Yeshua as their Messiah

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