Help us spread the Good News to our Jewish brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia!



Gutu’s central location enables people to travel from all over Zimbabwe to visit the upcoming Jewish Voice Medical Clinic. It’s been three years since we've been to Gutu, and with the great need in Zimbabwe right now, we’re expecting to see over 10,000 patients in six days.

In addition to the medical and dental services, we provide water education and distribute LifeStraw® water filters, which improves overall health with clean water. Come serve the proud Lemba people who have ties to the ancient tribe of Levi.

You can make a Difference in Gutu, Zimbabwe!

We desperately need non-medical partners to serve in:

Zehra Kids Program

  • You’ll teach and love on hundreds of local children throughout the week as they play, hear the Gospel and learn about their Jewish roots
  • This fun time, designed especially for the children has a powerful impact on their lives

 Line Management

  • You’ll be vital in managing patient flow and organizing the lines of those waiting to enter the clinic
  • This efficiency makes it possible for the medical professionals to treat so many needy patients

Counseling and Prayer

  • You’ll have an opportunity to pray with patients and share the Gospel
  • You will be a part of God's transforming work in the lives of people who need to know His love

Join us in Inchini to serve the Gefat Jewish community in a remote area where Jewish people are persecuted just for being Jewish. 



Gefat literally means “the blowers.” This will be our first Outreach to Inchini and the last Medical Outreach of 2019.

This may be the only time that the people in this rural community have an opportunity to receive free medical and dental care. The Clinic also provides a platform for us to share the Gospel through the local Messianic congregation, who will continue to share the love of Yeshua (Jesus) once the Medical Clinic ends.

Partner with us on the last Medical Outreach of the year!


Medical Professionals

We need: dentists, dental hygienists, opticians, ophthalmologists, general physicians, gynecologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Non-medical volunteers

Non-medical volunteers are essential to helping the clinic run efficiently. Help manage patient flow and organize the lines of those waiting to enter the clinic. This efficiency enables medical professionals to treat as many patients as possible and sets the stage for God’s love to change lives.

We Need You! Join us for this life-changing experience, and make a difference in Gutu or Inchini.


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