“For it is You who light my lamp; the LORD my God lightens my darkness. Psalm 18:28 (NIV)

Shalom, my friend.

As those who celebrate the Christmas holidays prepare to remember and reflect on the birth of Yeshua (Jesus), I’m reminded of God’s light . . .

Jesus Himself said He was the “Light of the world” (John 8:12) who would draw all people to Himself.

Writing this to you, I feel like His Light – the very Light from Heaven – is needed now more than ever. A Light to expose the darkness, to bring comfort to those who live in fear and to guide those who’ve lost their way forward.

That’s why, as you join with us in prayer, I ask for God to reveal the glory of His Light to you and in you now. That you – and His Chosen People – experience the wondrous power and grace of His presence in a special way.

Thank you for standing with us. And for your love of God’s people. 


Former Israeli Prime Minister Forced Into Quarantine

The Times of Israel reported that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and 130 others Knesset members were forced into quarantine late last week after four parliamentary personnel were confirmed to be carriers of coronavirus.

According to the media, as reported by The Times of Israel, at least one of the confirmed carriers is suspected to be infected by the Omicron variant.

Netanyahu has been forced into quarantine several times since the start of the pandemic over exposure to sick staff members. And his Likud party released a statement saying, “The former Prime Minister is acting in accordance with the guidelines and is waiting for the results of the tests.”

The latest Health Ministry coronavirus figures released late last week, according to The Times of Israel, showed 854 new COVID-19 cases diagnosed, the highest daily figure in some two months.

Officials sense the pandemic is on an upward trajectory in Israel once more amid concerns over the spread of the Omicron variant.

The Times of Israel reports that Omicron has dominated policy talks, leading Israel to shutter its borders again to most foreigners and impose fresh restrictions on Israelis returning from countries with high infection rates.

U.S. Plans To Reopen Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem Stalls Amid Israeli Opposition

It’s been several months since U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken notified Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of the Biden administration’s plan to reopen the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem.

According to The Times of Israel, Washington has yet to even produce a timeline for when it plans to see the move through.

But the U.S., under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, told The Jerusalem Post late last week that the U.S. is still determined to reopen the Jerusalem consulate for the Palestinians and that officials are in dialogue with Israel about it.

Nuland further said that reopening the consulate is seen as a priority for the Biden administration. This, she explained, would be a return to the longtime status quo.

The Israeli government, and some opposition members, have been vocal against reopening the consulate that was shut down in 2019 by former U.S. President, Donald Trump.

Manhunt Continues For West Bank Terrorists Responsible For West Bank Shooting

YnetNews reported late last week that hundreds of Israeli soldiers and officers continued the manhunt for the terrorists responsible for the deadly West Bank shooting in which one Israeli man was killed and two others were wounded.

The attack took place Thursday evening when Yehuda Dimantman – a yeshiva student and father of one – and two of his friends were fired upon as they left the Homesh outpost.

Law enforcement officials said the attack was probably planned in advance and perpetrated by more than one person.

Emergency services personnel reported that Dimantman succumbed to gunshot wounds while being rushed to the hospital.

“Security forces, the IDF, the Shin Bet, the Police and other forces are working on intelligence in the pursuit of the killers. We will see them caught,” said IDF Central Command’s chief, Major-General Yehuda Fuchs.

“We are responsible for the [people’s] protection and we will do everything we can to provide that protection to the residents in the area and catch the killers and terrorists who carried out this attack,” he added.


Let Us Pray Together

Please pray with me for:

  • God’s comfort to be with all who are grieving and living in fear in the wake of the recent West Bank attack
  • God to move in the hearts of world leaders and the global threat of a nuclear Iran as Israel prepares for war
  • God’s protection to be upon His people in Israel who are constantly facing threats and violence from enemies who hate them
  • Peace in the hearts and minds of the people of Israel and their enemies
  • Jewish people to recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah


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