A Message of Hope, Encouragement, and How to Overcome from the Book of Revelation

When we face times of trial or uncertainty in the world as Believers we should first turn to the Scriptures and prayer. We often look at the scriptures as our source of hope, encouragement or to be inspired to overcome. We tend to look in lots of places in the Scriptures other than the book of Revelation as a source of hope. However, I think you can find encouragement and should take time to use this book as a source of inspiration.

In the book of Revelation, we find the world to be in the most dramatic and unique time of history –at the end of the age. Yet the book of Revelation shows when Believers are faced with great adversity, they OVERCOME! If you want to find hope and inspiration for the days we live in now then we should look at the future and apply that wisdom today.

Over the next seven days we will cover:

  • Revelation 1 - He is our Hope and Overcomer - Yeshua declares He is our Hope and has Overcome
  • Revelation 4 - Finding Hope and Overcoming through Praise and Proclamation
  • Revelation 12 - Overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony
  • Revelation 15 - Finding Hope and Overcoming through Worship
  • Revelation 19 - We have been invited to the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb - Be Encouraged!
  • Revelation 22 - Hope and Encouragement found in the Tree of Life
  • Revelation 22 - The Spirit and Bride say Come! “Bo Yeshua Bo” (Come Jesus Come)

Join me as we find Hope, Encouragement, and How to Overcome from the Book of Revelation.


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