Last week on New Year's Day the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jamel al-Jamal was killed in his home in an explosion.  At first the Palestinian Authority said his death was a freak accident, caused when he opened a safe that had not been used in decades (They did not explain why a safe in an ambassador's home would have explosives inside that were many years old.)  But later reports contradicted that, revealing that the safe was actually used every day, leaving questions about how it ties in with the ongoing Middle East conflict.

Illegal weapons stash

jan.924450Then in a stunning announcement, Czech authorities revealed that a search of the home had revealed a large stockpile of illegal weapons—enough to equip a squad of ten men.  Israeli intelligence has long believed that the Palestinian Authority is using its diplomatic missions, with the immunity of diplomats from normal search procedures, to move weapons without detection and equip terror cells around the world.

It is still not known what caused the explosion that killed the Palestinian ambassador, or for what purpose the weapons that were found inside his home were intended.  But there have been attacks on Jewish individuals and businesses across Europe and Asia over the past few years, and it may well be the case that a terrorist attack was foiled by the explosion. The discovery is a reminder that while the Middle East conflict rages openly, it also lies quietly waiting in hidden places.

Middle East conflict continues to pose threats every day for Jewish People

This incident is just further confirmation of the deadly serious nature of the threats that the Jewish People are facing from the Middle East conflict between Arab and Jew, Israeli and Palestinian -- not just inside Israel but everywhere in the world.  Last year saw a rising number of anti-Semitic attacks in countries across Europe.  And despite the ongoing talks aimed at slowing Iran's nuclear program, more centrifuges continue to produce more enriched uranium for possible nuclear weapons.

In light of these threats, our support of Israel is more critical than ever.  Jewish Voice is already working with a  number of ministry partners inside Israel to meet needs in the name of Yeshua, and we are committed to do more than ever before this year.  Your contribution today will help us stand with the Jewish People in this important way at a time of great danger.  Thank you so much for being part of this great work.  God bless you.

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