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“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Messiah.”

―Romans 10:17

With many of today’s Bible translations, readers have no idea how much they’re missing. That’s why Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) is pleased to introduce the new Jewish Voice TLV Bible. The Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Bible is a ground-breaking translation in a Jewish-friendly voice – much like that of the Bible’s authors themselves.

The Scriptures through a Jewish Lens

During the centuries since the Bible was written, an unfortunate – even tragic – split between Judaism and Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) has resulted in animosity. The result?

“Bible translations are too often completed by scholars who have very little interest in or connection to the Jewish experience,” notes TLV Project Manager Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif.

The upshot of this disregard, be it intentional or accidental, Dr. Seif says, is that “biblical books have lost a critical element – their actual Jewish essence.”

But in reality, he says, “the Scriptures were written to Jews, for Jews and about Jews.”

The TLV Bible “accentuates the connection between the Jewish and Christian worlds,” adds Seif.

This is because the TLV Bible reveals how Messianic Jewish Believers view and understand the Holy Scriptures. Some important distinction of the TLV Bible are that it:

* Restores vital names to their original Hebrew

* Uses Hebrew transliterations for significant words

* Restores the Jewish order of Old Covenant books

* Preserves the historical present tense of the gospels to reflect more Hebraic thought

* Takes special care in handling the name of God to honor both traditional Jewish and Christian translation practices.

The Jewish Voice Bible has other exciting features that will enrich your understanding of the Scriptures. These include:

Glossary of Terms

This handy appendix will help you both understand and pronounce the Hebrew transliterated words used in the TLV Bible.

Hebrew Prayers and Shabbat Blessings

Among the special features, the JVMI Bible introduces you to the three central elements of Jewish liturgy – the Shema (Sheh-MAH), Amidah (Ah-mee-DAH) and Kaddish Yatom (KAH-dish Ya-TOHM). It also provides you with traditional and Messianic Jewish blessings and prayers for Shabbat (Shah-BAHT): evening, morning and afternoon rituals.

Weekly Scripture Reading Plan

This plan takes you through the entire Bible with portions selected from the Torah (TOR-ah), the first five books of the Old Covenant, the HafTorah (HAHF-Tor-ah), the Prophets and Writings of the Old Covenant, and the New Covenant.

A Special Introduction from Jonathan Bernis

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice provides a brief history, explaining how Judaism and Christianity parted ways, the importance of Messianic Judaism today, and why he believes the TLV Bible is prophetically important.

Messianic Prophecies Every Believer Should Know

The apostle Paul taught about Jesus using the only Scriptures he had at the time – the Old Covenant. Today, one of the most dramatic ways to share the Good News with others is still through the amazing Old Covenant Messianic prophecies that Yeshua fulfilled. This clear list will bolster your own faith and help you share Yeshua with others.

A Guide to Sharing the Gospel

Also included in the JVMI Bible is a section that lays out a simple guide for leading someone to receive Yeshua. There is also a sample prayer that can be used to accept Him as Messiah.

God’s Ongoing Covenant with Israel

Many Believers today do not understand God’s eternal promise to Israel – both to the people and the Land. This section provides key Scriptures – from Genesis through the New Covenant – that declare God’s faithfulness to the Jewish people and His commitment to restore them to Himself.

Intercessory Prayer Guide for Israel

Psalm 122:6 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel. It invokes a blessing on those who do so. The JVMI Bible includes a prayer guide that uses Scripture and a simple bulleted list to help you intercede for the salvation of Israel and Jewish people everywhere. There is also a map of Israel today is helpful to reference during your prayers and Scripture reading.

Biblical Feasts and Holidays

The Jewish Voice Bible provides a brief introduction to the value of the Jewish feasts ‒ for Jewish and Gentile Believers alike. It outlines each of the biblically commanded Feasts of the Lord including Scripture references, giving the feast’s purpose, practice and prophetic significance. Also discussed are two additional Jewish memorial days described in the Bible.

The “Lost Tribes of Israel”

One of the great mysteries of world history is the subject of the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” How did roughly 80 percent of ancient Jewish people disappear from recorded history? The JVMI Bible will help you understand this fascinating subject with a brief, easy-to-read account answering the most common questions.

The Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4:12), and our faith grows by hearing it (Romans 10:17).

The Jewish Voice Bible will connect you with the Jewish roots and foundation of your faith in Yeshua. You will see the Word come alive within its historical context and see – through the original Hebrew lens in which it was written ‒ God’s consistent message of redemption told from Genesis to Revelation. The features of the JVMI Bible will enhance your Scripture reading and provide useful tools for your walk with the Lord.

The New Jewish Voice Bible Package (2119)

This package includes:

  • The Jewish Voice Bible
    The Jewish Voice Bible presents the Holy Scriptures in the Tree of Life Version (TLV) with an abundance of special features to enrich your Bible reading. The TLV Bible translation unites Old and New Covenants with a consistent Hebraic perspective. It introduces important Hebrew words that clarify scriptural meaning and restores names to their original Hebrew.
  • Africa Box Plaque
  • Comfort, O Comfort My People, photo book
  • Africa Bracelet

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