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Outreach Recap: Want to see the impact you made?

December 12, 2022

Breaking New Ground Among the Lemba – in Zambia!

  • 4,754 Patients Received Care
  • 987 People Received Dental Care
  • 1,776 Eyeglasses Distributed
  • 1,017 People Heard the Gospel
  • 230 People Received Yeshua
  • 453 People Requested a Visit to Learn More about Jesus

In late October, we held our first-ever Medical Outreach in the country of Zambia. This was a huge undertaking years in the making. Prayer, scouting trips, meetings with government officials, and additional preparatory trips culminated in this first Medical Outreach to the community of Mumbwa, Zambia.

So many things about this Outreach are worth noting. But, here are a few highlights:

The community and local officials responded with tremendous support, and people quickly trusted that we really were there to serve them with no strings attached.

About 40 to 50 percent of the patients we saw were Lemba. That’s a remarkably high percentage, and we were thrilled to serve so many from our target audience. We conducted three or four transports each day, bringing Lemba patients in from their surrounding communities.

There is already a Messianic Jewish congregation in the area, and many of its leaders and members served with us. They worked in the Spiritual Care Ministry, praying with and for their fellow Lemba, which lends tremendous credibility to the Gospel message we bring.

We encountered a great openness to the Gospel – a hunger for it even – among those who came for prayer. The very first patient who entered the prayer tent sat down and said, “How can I know I’m going to heaven? I want to make sure.”

We met a Believer who’d had both his legs amputated. He relied on others to carry him to the Clinic on their backs. It took us nearly all day to arrange for a wheelchair to give him. While he waited, he volunteered as a translator in the prayer tent, helping to share the Gospel. He was so happy to receive his wheelchair and even came back the next day to serve as a translator again.

There’s more to tell you, and we’ll share it with you in the coming weeks – stories about others you helped through your gifts to Jewish Voice. In the meantime, take a look at the number of people whose lives you helped change in Mumbwa, Zambia.  Thank you so much!

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