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Outreach Recap: You changed lives in Konso, Ethiopia

January 26, 2023

Encircled by Need Konso, Ethiopia

  • 10,941 Patients Received Care
  • 744 People Received Dental Care
  • 2,007 Eyeglasses Distributed
  • 210 Families Received LifeStraw® Water Filters
  • 2,692 People Heard the Gospel
  • 171 People Received Yeshua

Our last Medical Outreach of 2022 was in southern Ethiopia, in Konso, where the gentle, peaceful people exhibited a great hunger for the Gospel. Local officials thanked us for the medical care we brought and also for the prayer and counseling we encouraged their people with.

The patients we saw throughout the week desperately needed medical attention, with most suffering from waterborne illnesses. Severe drought has left very few water sources and those are contaminated by mud and animals.

An existing permanent clinic in Konso can’t keep up with the need. The property around it is huge, but it needed repairs. Not only did we provide medical care for thousands while we were there, but we also revived the clinic’s water system for them by fixing a broken storage tank. With this and other improvements made through your support of Jewish Voice, the facility is now eligible for significantly more government funding. This will be a long-lasting blessing to the community.

Mid-week, as Outreach doctors arrived for the day’s work, they marveled that the line of people waiting for their care encircled the entire property. The medical line alone held about 2,300 people, not including dental and eye care patients. The last person in line stood at the entrance gate right near the first person in line!

It took us all day to put wristbands on every person in line. These paper bands identified treatment areas needed and ensured those who couldn’t be seen that day would get in over the next day and a half.

Doctors stayed late, tirelessly seeing patients. That night, they asked if we could open the Clinic early the next day. Absolutely! Their dedication was incredible. We shifted the morning program by an hour so they could begin seeing patients early. By the end of the Clinic, every patient had been seen.

You played a big part in making this fruitful Medical Outreach happen – through your gifts to Jewish Voice. Thank you! Take a look at how many lives you touched in Konso, Ethiopia.

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