After a year of escalating violence between warring factions in Northern Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency this week. The conflict may affect the capital city of Addis Ababa in the coming days or weeks. 

We at Jewish Voice are deeply concerned for the citizens of Ethiopia in light of this dramatic escalation. On our hearts especially are the many dear congregations and brothers and sisters in the Lord that we know and love there, as well as our NGO staff and in particular, precious family members of some of our USA team. 

Please join us as we pray for Ethiopia: 

  • Wisdom for government officials in seeking to deal with a volatile situation that has been brewing for decades and intensifying over the past year 
  • Violence to be stopped and for the protection of innocent citizens as well as homes and businesses 
  • All our JVMI friends, partners and loved ones in Ethiopia, who make this wonderful nation come off the map and into our hearts 
  • Supply lines of food, resources and medical care to remain open 
  • For the accelerated immigration of Ethiopian Jews currently waiting to make Aliyah 
  • The Lord’s purposes to prevail, order and peace to be restored and the enemy’s plans to be thwarted 
  • For the Body of Messiah to be strengthened and encouraged and the gospel to go forth and bear much fruit! 

Let’s pray:

Lord, in a time of strife and chaos, have mercy and bring Your peace and purposes to bear. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done in Ethiopia. Use this crisis to draw them to stretch out their hands to You, receiving Your salvation and help in time of need. Amen. 

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