The potential for all-out war in Israel continues to escalate

On Friday, the Israeli army strengthened their missile defenses in response to a growing threat of violence from Hamas along the southern border.

The southern Israeli communities are regularly targeted by rockets fired by Gaza terrorist groups – I’ve often shared updates and have asked you to join us in prayer for the safety of the Jewish people in these areas.

The 401 armored Brigade operates near the Gaza border | Source: IDF, Flicker

In fact, just last May, we witnessed a major outbreak of violence, as armed terrorist groups fired hundreds of rockets at towns and cities at the border communities.

But the threat on Friday from Hamas comes after the death of one of its members in what can only be described as a tragic misunderstanding and mistake. But even after apologies and explanations of the situation to try and ease the already ripe tension, Hamas has vowed to avenge its member.

“We do not accept the enemy’s apology,” said senior Hamas official Fathi Hamad.

Riots quickly broke out along the Gaza border with over 6,000 protestors screaming for vengeance against Israel.

Late Friday evening, Israel’s warning sirens sounded as two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. Jewish families and residents immediately sought safety in bomb shelters. I thank God there were no injuries or fatalities from this first strike.

“We do not have the illusion that it is possible to reach a political agreement with this group that wants to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth,” Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu shared in response. “Israel is prepared for a large-scale military operation in Gaza.”

Please join us in prayer

We’ll continue to watch and keep you updated on the current situation. But I ask you to join us now in praying for God and His presence to bring His supernatural peace to the tense hostilities.

No amount of talking will help. No compromises. Nothing in the natural world will satisfy the thirst of these terror organizations except the destruction of Israel and her people.

But we know God can do the impossible. And we know He will be faithful to His promises to protect His people.

So please join us in prayer.

  • For God to work in the hearts of Hamas officials, and the leaders of other terror organizations, to turn their intent away from war and violence
  • For God to bring His wisdom and discernment to Israeli officials as they protect their land and their people against attacks
  • For God to protect the Jewish people who are caught in the middle of the violence and crossfire

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