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Pray for Israel on Bless Israel Sunday: Anti-Semitism

October 23, 2020

Bless Israel Sunday is an opportunity for you and your congregation or small group to become more equipped to encounter anti-Israel bias and errant theology about God’s commitment to His Chosen People, Israel. 

In this “Pray for Israel” blog series, you’ll find a prayer for Israel along with information to serve as a starting-off point from which to add your own prayers. 

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Bias 

Over thousands of years, the ugly disease of anti-Semitism has remained alive in both outlandish superstitions and careless stereotypes about Jewish people. Centuries ago, it marched through Europe, waging war on Jewish people and forcing them to “covert” to “Christianity” or die. Zealots misnaming the name of the Messiah massacred untold numbers of Jewish people and expelled countless others from their home countries. In World War II, Hitler attempted to eradicate the Jewish people by ruthlessly sending them, by the millions, to extermination camps.  

The Holocaust ended in 1945, but anti-Semitism has never been snuffed out. It lurks in hate-filled organizations as well as irrational prejudices of otherwise kind-hearted people. Though you may not hear about it often in the news, Jewish property is defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti or other vandalism nearly every day in the United States alone. Jewish people are subjected to vile, hateful language and sometimes physical assault.  

Anti-Semitism also comes out in bias against Israel – typically by those who have not taken the time to gaze clearly at the full picture of Israel’s situation in the Middle East.  

Many countries, and even the United Nations itself, manifest a habitually anti-Israel mindset. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meets three times a year in regular sessions that use a permanent agenda. In Agenda Item 4, they address all human rights violations of nations around the world ‒ except those involving Israel. Reviewing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a specific and permanent place – Agenda Item 7 – on the docket at each and every session. Despite many offenses, rarely are Palestinian human rights abuses examined, and very few resolutions have been brought against them. Instead, Israel is highly scrutinized, regularly receiving a vastly disproportionate number of reprimands against her.  

Pray for Israel and the Jewish people 

Lord, Your people have been mistreated throughout thousands of years. We know this is because the devil hates whom You love. He is the father of lies, and he has not stopped lying about Your people and the State of Israel. Anti-Semitism occurs all over the world, targeting innocent people going about their lives. Please protect Your people across the globe from anti-Semitic attacks, harassment and bias. Tear down the strongholds of anti-Semitism worldwide – whether large or small, open or secret – and bring an end to the hatred of and prejudice against Your people. 

Increase awareness of how anti-Semitism still thrives all over the world. Stir up a passion against it. Make it known that Jewish people are still targeted and persecuted around the world. Reveal to the world that there are, this very day, whole communities of Jewish people who are disparaged, attacked and denied economic equality simply because they are Jewish.  

Lord, we ask that You open the hearts and minds of ordinary people – even Believers – who may have prejudicial attitudes toward Jewish people. Identify for them where their hearts do not align with Yours.  

So much anti-Semitism takes aim at the State of Israel as well. Please open the eyes of those who blindly follow opinions about Israel that are based on prejudiced, inaccurate or incomplete information. Cause people to see the full picture and not merely the story spread by an anti-Israel mindset.  

And, Lord, it is hard to see the unfairness which the Land of Your people endures, especially by an organization in place to ensure fair treatment of all. Lord, please open the eyes of UNHRC member nations to an accurate understanding of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Turn their minds to look favorably upon Israel. Bring to light the injustices and offenses done against her and bring an end to the forced scrutiny of Israel – like no other nation endures – that is required by Agenda Item 7. Give Israel peace and favor in the sight of the world. 

In Jesus’ name, we pray for Israel and Jewish people worldwide. Amen. 

Learn more about Bless Israel Sunday: What is Bless Israel Sunday?   

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