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June 17 Prayer for Israel

Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day (beginning at sundown June 2) celebrates the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control. Prior to the Six-Day War in 1967, Jordan controlled East Jerusalem containing the Old City and the Temple Mount. When Jordan attacked, wanting to seize West Jerusalem as well, Israel defended and won the eastern portion of the city. It was a brief but fierce war in which 777 Israelis lost their lives and thousands more were injured.

Father, thank You for giving Jerusalem back to Israel. Please protect Your holy city and those who dwell there. Protect Jerusalem from her enemies, from violence and those who wish Israel harm. Bring peace to the city where You have chosen to make Your name dwell (2 Chronicles 6:6). Let not the holiday go by with only historical, archeological or political commemoration. May the festivities of Jerusalem Day be filled with thanksgiving to You, O Lord, for Your faithfulness and holiness in returning Jerusalem to Israel. 


June 814 Prayer for Israel


The Jewish Feast of Shavuot begins at sundown June 8. It is an “appointed time” in which Jewish people commemorate God’s giving of the Torah. Messianic Jewish Believers also celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit who was given on Shavuot after Yeshua’s (Jesus’) resurrection.

Thank You, God, for wanting to meet with Your people and for commanding the Feasts. Thank You for giving us Your instruction. Thank You for the Torah, the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Covenant. Thank You for the Word Himself, Yeshua (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit given on Shavuot. Create in all Israel a hunger for Your Word, Lord. As Israel celebrates the Torah on Shavuot, cause individuals to make connections between Scripture’s Messianic prophecies and Yeshua. And bring them to faith in Him.


June 1521 Prayer for Israel


Unfortunately, terrorism is a part of life today. And Israel faces more than her share because of the hostility that neighboring Arab nations and Palestinians living in the Land hold toward her. Terrorist organizations encourage and often incite violence against Israelis.  

Father, Israel has many enemies living at and within her borders; please protect her from terrorists. Please comfort those who grieve loved ones slain or injured by terrorists.  Deliver perpetrators into the hands of law enforcement, and thwart any violent plans of those who hate Israel. Bring an end to the terrorist organization program that pays monthly stipends to families of those who commit terrorist acts against Israelis. And, Lord, please change the hearts of terrorists. Save them out of their upside-down mindset that believes their evil is good. Bring them to salvation in Yeshua, for only through Him will their lives be transformed and terrorism cease. 


June 2228 Prayer for Israel

Israel’s Youth

There’s no doubt these are difficult and troubled times for teens everywhere. Temptations are abundant as the boundaries of acceptable activities and behavior continue to be pushed further away from biblical values. Youth everywhere need prayer. As we lift up the country of God’s Chosen People in this prayer series, we remember Israel’s teens and adolescents.

Father, protect and guide Israel’s young people. Shield them from temptations to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Guard them against developing harmful habits. Steer them away from those who would have a bad influence on them, and keep them from reckless and wanton lifestyles. Lead them to people who are honest and upright, wise and good. Make wisdom desirable to them. Help them to manage the turbulent emotions of youth in healthy ways. Ignite in them an interest in You. God, reveal Messiah to Israel’s youth.


June 2930 Prayer for Israel

Israel to come to know the Messiah

Jewish people throughout the world experience a longing to immigrate to Israel. God is fulfilling His promise in Isaiah 11:12 to gather Israel from the four corners of the Earth and bring them “home” to Israel. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy for these people once they move to Israel. Help is available, but a myriad of factors influence the degree of assimilation reached by immigrants. And they all need Yeshua (Jesus).

Lord, thank You for doing just as You said You would. You have drawn and continue to gather Your people from throughout the world to fill the Land of Israel. Father, please also draw these immigrants to Your Son, Messiah Yeshua. Help recently arrived immigrants to settle in. Use any hardships or challenges in their assimilation to draw them to You. Regardless of how long ago they moved to the Land, open immigrant hearts to Yeshua. May their hunger to be “home” in Israel expand into an intense desire for You and a longing to see the Messiah. Show them He has come and He is Yeshua.

Get the Israel Prayer Guide

Do you want to know how to pray for Israel in greater detail and depth? Jewish Voice Ministries has put together this Intercessory Prayer Guide for Israel that provides focused, targeted requests to help you pray for the nation of God’s People. We hope this prayer guide can help both Messianic Jews and Christians pray their support for Israel.

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